Thirds Beyond the Books Volume #1 and #2 Book Cover Thirds Beyond the Books Volume #1 and #2
Charlie Cochet
M/M Military Paranormal
Dreamspinner Press

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

What a wonderful idea. Those of us dedicated to this Thirds series, are so happy that author Charlie Cochet allows us to see behind the scenes of our favorite characters.

She has chosen vignettes and snippets of ‘what would have happened if ’ moments into the lives of our team.

This all began on social media when Ms Cochet reached out to her fans and weekly posted a fan fic type story of a prompt her group asked for. It was a hit from the moment she started. This is a sampling of what she has been doing, allowing the fans of THIRDS we call ourselves THIRDS NERDS keep our addiction alive.

Most of them are tender moments like when Calvin and Hobbs first meet, some are funny as we are there with Dex and Sloane visiting the supermarket; with Dex taking out healthy and replacing with junk and visa versa some are feeling moments when Dex struggles when Cael has to get his Therian tatoo.

I love when Charlie goes in and gives us ‘more’ of her guys. They are the Uber Military Bad Guys protecting NYC after all, and yet we see their humanity here and I love it!!!

Can not wait for more…