Three Fates Book Cover Three Fates
Amy Lane, Mary Calmes & Andrew Grey
M/M Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
July 26, 2012

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

What a fun concept, Fate…Have you ever given much thought to what fate had in store for you? Do you believe in fate? Well these three very talented authors have not only thought about it, they have written a book about it called The Three Fates. Each one of the three authors chose a different mythology, Andrew picked Greek, Mary chose Egyptian, and Amy chose Norse. The Fates are sister, with different names but yet the same, in charge of lifelines. One is the weaver, one was the counter, and one holds the scissor to cut the thread. We learn that you might be fated to be with one person, but it might take many lifetimes for your souls to meet and acknowledge each other, like meeting someone and feeling you have known them forever.

Andrew Grey is our first author to be heard, and I hear the instigator of this idea (only if it goes well) writing  Fate Delivers a Prince. I am new to Mr. Grey, but certainly not for long. The enchanting story he conjured was brilliant in context, love, humor and faith. Cheyenne was the youngest son of a diplomat father. He kept to himself, very shy. It was a party and of course he did not wish to go and possibly embarrass his parents. What is fate to do, when the person is unreasonable…give a little push???  With that push, Cheyenne goes to the party and across the room meets “the one”, and  he is a Prince no less. What a fun, sexy story to give the fates grey hair!

Mary Calmes has written her piece, called Jump, a little deeper and little darker. I am a huge fan of her writing, my first introduction was her Change of Heart series, and I never looked back. Mary’s Fates are no longer in a cave, but on Olympus, and being visited by a man who claims he is Hermes. He is there for a favor, not for himself but for his fallen brother. It seems his brother’s beloved Cassius was slain along with his brother. Cassius was thought to have ‘the sight’, a seer, an oracle. Hermes’ wish was to have the two threads woven. Since this request was for a fallen brother and his lover, Clotho said she would spin the two threads together when next it was the mortal’s time on earth. Hence we meet Cassidy Jane. Mary, you were in you element for this story and I was so swept up in it, I did not want it to end.

Cass, found out at an early age, he saw things; things that would happen to that person when he made eye contact with them. His mother finally trusted in it when he cried and carried on at eight years old that she should not take that plane to Texas, that the plane was broken. He saw scattered remains of plane and passengers, and sure enough that plane went down. Mom never doubted his gift.

Now after work, he sits with friends in a bar, looks across the room seeing  five men in trench coats leaving a private area. Eyes of jade green meet his, and thank the Fates they did. Will it be enough that Cassidy can save Raz’s life? Will the thread that was woven take hold? Will Cass think he is too plain to consider Raz?

Let me tell you, not only are the would-be-lovers hot, Mary has cast an ensemble to die for. Jamie Kidd and Snow Drake are a blast, and the explosion of the two lover’s souls finally being let loose, makes for a sensual, sexy story. It is a Must read!!

Lastly in our Threesome, but certainly not least, is Amy Lane, offering Believed You Were Lucky. The Fate’s names have changed. Our three are Urdh the weaver, Skuld who cuts the thread of life, and Verdandi, who has just hooked up with Loki for an evening of sex. They discover Loki has stolen a thread, a thread from a baby from Thor’s lineage. To maybe fix this mess, they split-splice the thread, a golden string. It is imperfect, but it could work. The family with the thread should be lucky, long-lived, and blessed…mostly. The family without, will be unlucky, doomed, intelligent, and resourceful. Verandi thanked her sisters for their help, and still murmured Loki was a God in bed.

We now meet Leif Torval. Leif is a messenger who rides a bicycle up and down the hills of San Francisco. The string of bright gold appeared the morning after his mother died. The string guides Leif, and he guides his friends to keep them safe. He has a package to deliver, and there began the story of how he met Hacon Haldor, the other half of the thread. Amy Lane never ceases to amaze me, this is supposed to be a short story in a 3-in-1  anthology. But no, Amy has dragged us into a murder mystery, a screw up by the fates, a love story, and characters you fall in love with.

Leif is living a life of contentment with friends, empowered with a light from within. Hake lives fearing life and the families ‘curse’, and that is not living. Can this all be healed by love? Even Loki and Thor decide to watch along with the fates what they have wrought. Ms. Lane, I always hold you to a higher standard, and your brightness shines though. The characters dance off the page, and I wouldn’t mind meeting that sexy cop in another short story either. Hmmm, what more can you do with Andre??? Loved this entire book…a Must read.