To Die For Book Cover To Die For
Joker's Sin Book 2
Davidson King
LGBTQ Romance
Independently Published
July 22, 2020

Managing the bar at Joker’s Sin, a gay nightclub, is Max’s dream job. Where many seek fame or fortune, he’s living his best life, surrounded by family and friends. The only thing he doesn’t have is the guy to complete him.

Lane, AKA Sparkles, sees too much of the person he used to be when he looks at Max, and none of it is good. But the stubborn man won’t let up, and when Sparkles’s past threatens to unravel his whole life, it’s Max who steps in to save him.

Can these two opposites push past their differences to see just how right they are for each other? Will they get a chance before it all falls down around them? Or is their love one to die for?

(While it is book 2 in the Joker’s Sin Series, it can be read as a standalone)

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


When I read and reviewed book one in this series I never expected to still be facing a pandemic and quarantine but alas here I am once again grateful to have a book that takes my mind off of all the trouble in the world and puts me in Haven’s Hart where anything goes. This is Max Fazio and Lane Ashley’s story and like all the characters involved in Haven’s Hart they are wonderful.


Max runs the bar at Joker’s Sin and he is doing exactly what he always dreamed of doing, mixing drinks. He is known as a man who is not ashamed of the fact that he loves sex and has it as often as possible. It is that reputation that has kept away the one man he is actually interested in, Lane Ashley aka Sparkles. Sparkles is attracted to Max but sees himself in him and he definitely doesn’t want to be with someone that reminds himself so much of his past, a past that still haunts him.


Sparkles ran seven years ago from Dorian Birch taking with him $750,000. His time with Dorian was a nightmare with abuse and being traded off to friends and when he escaped, he was confident that he left all that behind but when he meets his new landlord, he comes face to face with the demon from his past, Dorian. Dorian threatens everything Lane has, his mother’s welfare, his dance studio and his apartment and promises to make his life once again a living hell.


It is Max the man Sparkles was convinced was just like him that comes to his rescue, and it is Max that Sparkles finally realizes is not the man he assumed he was. Dorian is relentless in his determination to make Lane suffer and Max is relentless in finding a way to stop him. Sparkles finally realized that he had a lot of people looking out for him, everyone at Joker’s Sin is ready, willing and able to stand up against Dorian to protect him.


Max comes from a loving Italian family with a mother who rules the roost and would add an eleventh commandment if she could “thou shall listen to your mother about all things”. His three sisters have no boundaries and charging into Max’ room unannounced is one of their favorite things to do. An amazing family, the kind of family Lane always dreamed about and hopes that if things work out, he will be adopted into.  


I loved this book every bit as much as all the other books I have read about Haven’s Hart and I highly recommend them. As a reviewer I express as honestly as possible how I feel about a book and I honestly love not only this one but all Ms. King’s books that I have been lucky enough to read.


Join me in visiting Haven’s Hart and make your own decision, love it or hate it but let it be your own decision.