To Discover a Divine Book Cover To Discover a Divine
Rise of the Stria, Book 1
Tessa McFionn
Sci-fi, Romance
Amazon Digital Services LLC
March 20, 2018

When Kahlym cal Jhuen, freedom-fighting leader of the Chandar Stria, breaks into a prison ship controlled by the Rimmarian Thrall, he only expected to rescue two of his crew. But when he discovers a terrified female during his escape, he is immediately captivated by her unique beauty and makes a snap decision to take her with him. However, his good deed backfires when he learns he has stolen the Thrall Emperor’s prize.

Down to her last dollar, Evainne Wagner expected nothing out of the ordinary when she stepped out of her Boston apartment. Instead, she found herself in the middle of an intergalactic firefight, complete with strange soldiers with deadly weapons pointed directly at her. Salvation arrives in the nick of time in the form of a mysterious leather-clad warrior, skidding in and whisking her away. Trusting her heart, she follows, hoping to find answers as well as a way home.

Safely on board his ship, he learns more about her and her rare skills, triggering the memory of a half-forgotten prophecy spoken at the time of his cursed birth. Outcast because of a cruel twist of fate, he finds unexpected acceptance, even affection, from his new passenger.

Could she be the one who holds the future of his people, as well as his own heart, in her tender hands?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Team

Kahlym (Kahl) cal Jhuen is the freedom fighter leader of the Chandar Stria who is about to free two of his crew men being held prisoner by the Rimmarian Thrall only they are not the only ones he rescues that day. Kahl is shocked to find a female, a female unlike any he has ever seen before and he knows that he has to save her. While running she is injured and when he gets her back on his ship the doctor has no knowledge of how to treat her since she is as alien to them as they are to her. Kahl is determined to find out what she is and find a way to communicate with her and finally discovers that she is from Earth.

Evainne Wagner left her Boston apartment to go for her daily run only when she walked out her door she walked into a world she knew nothing about. She found herself surrounded by strange men unable to communicate but one man stood out and even though she couldn’t understand him his body language and soft words convinced her he could be trusted and when he took her hand she followed.

Evainne realizes that she is not in Kansas anymore and is on a space ship with a full assortment of aliens, purple, green, extra limbs and eyes but yet with all that she is drawn to one alien, Kahl. Evainne has nothing on Earth, no job, no family, no friends and no money. She is close to being evicted from her apartment and that could account for the reason she isn’t as shocked as she should be about where she is. Her parents were very influencial lawyers who never let her forget what a disappointment she was to them till they finally disowned her.

Like Evainne, Kahl also had a sad childhood born with bi-colored eyes he was considered a freak and at birth his mother insisted he be killed. It was only because a prophecy was spoken of involving him that his life was spared but he never knew love and if it wasn’t for his brothers he would have had noone in his life. Relationships with women always led to them turning their backs on him because of his eyes but now a strange woman from a far away planet does not look at him with disgust.

It is discovered that Evainne is a Divine Healer and is wanted by the Emperor of Rimma to mate with the dying Divines under his control and ensure that more Divines would be born giving him control of the galaxy. As soon as Kahl and his crew become aware of what she is they begin to treat her as royalty something she is not comfortable with and doesn’t hesitate to tell them. Feelings between Kahl and Evainne grow and where others see a freak she sees a handsome, caring man who she begins to fall for. He on the other hand fights his attraction knowing that he is not good enough for her but she is a very strong willed woman.

Evainne is a woman who says what is on her mind and is ready to fight alongside Kahl and his crew. The relationship between them is beautiful, two people from two different worlds who both grew up without knowing love and who found each other. There is danger, betrayal and love. I can’t wait for more.