Together Forever Book Cover Together Forever
Circle of Ghadan Book 2
Kimberly Cummons
Paranormal Romance
July 18, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sidney Sheppard and three other women find themselves prisoners and half way to becoming Aeterni. Once it was only the first born sons who would be immortal but now a drug has been able to change Daughters, those whose father’s were Aeterni. Bastien St. Clair’s father Thales was the one who invented the drug with the hopes of giving his wife and the love of his life immortality but it did not work on her. Over the years he has perfected the drug and now Sidney and the three other women are half way to becoming immortal.

When Thales calls Bastien and advises him of Sidney’s capture and where she is he can’t get to her fast enough. Bastien has fought his feelings for Sidney because she was mortal but now there is a very good chance she will be immortal if he can get to her soon enough and manage to retrieve her and the drug. Unfortunately, when Bastien gets to the building holding the women he and his men find the guards dead and only three women left behind. Sidney is nowhere to be found.

Fortunately for Sidney and Bastien the man who saved her was Bastien’s son Tucker. Tucker gave into Sidney’s demand that she be returned to Bastien or she would die and in spite of his hatred for his father he returned her. Thales meets with his son and informs him that there are three vials for each woman but only two for Sidney. Without the third she will die and the only help Bastien’s father will give him is to supply him with his journals and the plants he will need to make the formula himself. Thale is not one to just turn anything over to his son, he insists that his son learn and hopefully learn in time to save Sidney.

Bastien’s job becomes harder with the appearance of his thirteen year old daughter Louisette. Sette’s paranormal ability is pyrokinesis and it seems she set her step-father on fire leaving her mother with no choice but to send her to live with her father. Bastien is thrilled to have his daughter but with his attention all on discovering how to make the formula to save Sidney he has little time left for his daughter.

Time is running out for Sidney and Bastien has the option of using one of the other women’s drug, doing that would mean death to whoever he chose. Can he live with himself if he does that? Would Sidney ever forgive him if she found out she lived because of the death of another? Whether Sidney makes it or not, whether Bastien is able to perfect his father’s formula is not something I am willing to reveal.

This is the second book in the series and I strongly recommend starting with the first where it all began. There are many surprises, secrets and betrayals and never a dull moment. I definitely look forward to more.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**