Touching Yesterday Book Cover Touching Yesterday
A.T. Weaver
M/M Time Travel Romance
MysticHawker Press
March 10, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Team

Jeff Wilde has lived with his partner Bob for almost ten years and with no warning whatsoever his boyfriend walked into their home and told him he met someone else and he wants Jeff gone by the end of the weekend.

With nowhere else to go Jeff returned to his father’s house until he found a new place. He took very little from the home he and Bob shared since none of it was to Jeff’s liking. Jeff always went along with what Bob wanted, wore his hair short, shaved his chest, bought furniture that Bob wanted and went to sports events when he wanted to go to plays.

After months finally living on his own his friends invited him to go camping for the Memorial Day Weekend and although Bob would also be their with his new boyfriend Jeff decided to go rather than sit home. The one good thing about being there when Bob was, was that his new boyfriend Kenny wound up being the one leading Bob around by the nose unlike his relationship with Bob. Kenny was also quite obnoxious and was asked to leave the camp site by the other guys.

Having to go to the bathroom Jeff went into the woods to do his business only he fell and when he woke it was to find a strange man standing over him with a rifle in his hands. Jeff finds himself back in 1927 and the man with the rifle is Cletus Strader who upon seeing Jeff’s car keys, cell phone and wallet with his date of birth, charge cards and money he never saw before he realizes that Jeff is from the future.

For over a month Jeff lives with Cletus and his wife and kids and his only memories are of general information. He doesn’t know his name or where he came from but when he saves a little girl from drowning applying CPR it all comes rushing back. Jeff wakes up in a hospital with Dr. David Lewis standing over him looking exactly like Cletus.

To make matters even stranger while in a coma Jeff got callouses on his hands, his face was sunburned and he apparently was eating beside the IV feeding him. Jeff tries to explain about going back to 1927 and is determined to find out about the girl he saved who he suspected was his grandmother and about Cletus and his family. The biggest surprise was that according to everyone he and Bob never broke up, and even if that was true he no longer wanted Bob in his life.

There were quite a few surprises and secrets revealed. David and Jeff work together to get answers and at the same time seem to be getting closer. Did Jeff somehow change the future when he saved the girl? Very interesting story.