Trail of Desire Book Cover Trail of Desire
Gold Dust Brides, Book 2
Devon McKay
Paranormal, Native American, Ghost, Romance
Independently published
March 15, 2020

Grace Webster was to wed in the fall. After all, it was the practical thing to do. So why was she seated in a wagon pretending to be the wife of a man who looked suspiciously like her reckless sister, Prudence, playing dress-up? She hardly had a choice. As headstrong as Prue was, she knew the girl would go in search of their father and eldest sibling, with or without her. And there were safety in numbers. Portraying a married couple merely made things less complicated. The moment Grace believes the plan might actually work, a blood-curling war cry quickly shatters those thoughts.

Leyati Blackstone preferred solitude, never quite fitting in with his tribe or the white man’s world, yet somehow balanced a thin line between both. Finding a white woman on the brink of death changes everything.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

This is the second book in a trilogy about three sisters. They should be read in order since each book follows one of the sisters and the story carries over to the next book. 

In Book One, we had Violet’s story and her desire to find her father and help her sisters who were going to be forced into marriage with men they didn’t want. What she didn’t know was that her sisters were determined to save Violet by stopping her from marrying a total stranger. Grace and Prudence are taking a wagon train to find Violet, acting as a married couple with Prudence taking on the role of the husband.

Grace has always had dreams that would show her things that would happen. Too late she realized that her newest vision was of the wagon train being attacked by Indians. Before she could warn anyone they were surrounded by Indians and cruel and ruthless white men. Grace was able to get Prudence to run with two children, while Grace fell victim to the men who she had no doubt would use her and kill her.

Coming to her rescue was an Indian we met in book one, Leyati Blackstone. He is friends with Violet and her husband Garrett and he was the same man Grace had seen in her dreams. Leyati had fallen victim before to Silas and Chauncey, which was why he was hunting them for revenge. However, when he came upon Grace, his only thought was to protect her. Injured, they escape, but without a horse they will be in danger from animals—in addition to the two men determined to kill Leyati and do all kinds of harm to Grace.

There is a connection between Grace and Leyati, and there is no doubt that their paths were meant to meet. However, there is danger, and unlike book one there is a mystical element to this story. For some reason there was a long delay between book one and the last two books in the series, but I was happy to finally get Grace’s story and now I will read Prudence’s story to find out what happens to all the sisters.