Troubled Spirits Book Cover Troubled Spirits
Spirit Voices Book 1
Sandy Wolters
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
May 5, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jody Clarke has been seeing spirits since she was a young child. Spirits who have something they want to say to their loved ones before finding peace and moving on. Unfortunately, Jody has found that some people refuse to believe in what they can’t see for themselves and many didn’t hesitate to call her names or throw things at her. For those who do accept her gift it brings peace to both the spirit and the family left behind.

For the first time Jody finds herself being visited by a spirit with no idea where her family is, or who they are. Fiona is four years old and wants to speak to her mommy and daddy and won’t go away until she does. When Jody asks her what her phone number is she says “911” when she asks her where she lives she says “Merica”, answers that do not help Jody in finding her mommy and daddy.

Jody realizes that until she finds Fiona’s parents Fiona will not leave her alone and each time she visits she drains Jody of her energy. The only thing Jody can think of is to ask her friend Nathan who used to be a police detective to do some research. The name that Fiona gives her can’t be located and no matter how many times she tries to appeal to Fiona to go away her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Since childhood Jody has had two friends that have always been there for her, Nathan and Terry. Terry is having a showing of his art and it was there that she met J.D. Bastion. Nathan works for J.D. at his Private Investigation firm and although J.D. hates going to events like this he feels drawn for some reason. When he sees Jody he realizes that she was the reason he went and he is instantly obsessed with her. He even introduces himself as Jared a name he rarely reveals to anyone. Jody also feels a connection but she knows that relationships are not in the cards for her, she always confesses to the men she sees about her gift and it doesn’t take long before they are walking out the door.

It is Jared who searches for Fiona’s parents and in spite of seeing Jody’s gift he isn’t going anywhere, she is his. Jody also finds that she has a new gift, Fiona was able to make her part of her spirit and take her along with her. Jared sees what helping these spirits does to Jody, how it drains her and how lost she becomes, to the point he was afraid she was lost to him, but he tries to convince her that he is staying. He will be there for her no matter what.

This was a wonderful book, especially little Fiona. She brought a smile to my face while breaking my heart because of how young she was when she died. Jared is a man who finally found what he has always thought was lost to him a woman who he loves beyond explanation. Jody wants Jared but refuses to allow him to suffer everytime she helps a spirit and is willing to let him go to save him from the pain she always sees on his face. Two people willing to sacrifice for the other.

I look forward to the next book in the series.