Trust No Alpha Book Cover Trust No Alpha
The Omega Misfits, Book 1
Wendy Rathbone
LGBT, Gay, Coming of Age, Billionaire Fantasy Romance
Eye Scry
February 7, 2020

It’s a world gone mad. The Alphas are out of control.

When you discover you’re not who you thought you were, the nightmare begins.


At age eighteen, life as he knows it is over for Kris. A secret to his nature he was not aware of has been revealed.

Now, kept as a prisoner in a locked room in the mansion of his wealthy father, Kris is at the mercy of Alpha laws and Alpha domination.

Things take a turn for the worse when his own litter mate threatens him, and his father starts behaving strangely around him.

Escape is his only hope. But where can he go in a world that allows him no rights?


Marked as a dangerous Alpha, and living a secluded life alone and unloved, Thorne still grieves for the mate whose death he feels responsible for.

Years have passed, and he refuses to even try to function in normal society.

One day he discovers a young man on his property, disheveled, desperate, and scared. He acts like a runaway Omega, but he doesn’t smell like one.

What is this boy? And why does Thorne feel an immediate need to protect him? To bond him? To make him his?

A non-shifter, Omegaverse love story of rescue, first time, fertility issues and an HEA. Standalone read. 65,500 words. (While Omegas are birth-fathers in this universe, there is no on-page mpreg in this book.)

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Guild Team

Kris Vandergale is about to turn eighteen and it is time for him and his two brothers to have an exam, an exam that will change Kris’ life forever. Kris has always been his father’s favorite and is being raised to be an Alpha like his father but when the examination showed that he had the organs of an Omega, although non-functional he has become an outcast to be locked in his room and kept a virtual prisoner. Although his father has made sure he has all the comforts the one thing he is missing is freedom. As an Omega all Alphas are a danger to Kris even his own family.

Omega’s are considered the lowest of the low, they are breeders for the Alphas and treated as poorly as slaves, an Alpha can torture, kill, rape or do whatever they want to an Omega and none of it is considered illegal and now Kris is no better than them. Omegas live on farms always available when needed especially during the Burn a time when sex is required and could last for days.

Thorne is a neighbor of the Vandergale’s but after the death of his Omega mate he classified himself as dangerous and has lived by himself. He is convinced that during the Burn he was responsible for killing the man he loved, and he will never allow that to happen again. When Kris runs away after his father enters his room about to do the unthinkable he hides in Thorn’s shed. When Thorne finds him he does everything in his power to protect this lost soul but it won’t be easy since Kris’ father is one of the richest men and believes that Kris is his property so money is no object in the search for his missing son.

While with Thorne, Kris begins to see that everything he had ever been taught about Omega’s was a lie and once the golden child the mere fact that he has Omega organs even though he does carry the Alpha gene has made him a pariah, nothing but property. I was a little disturbed by the treatment of Omega’s and the treatment of a father toward the son he once loved.

This is a totally different take on the relationship between an Alpha and an Omega and at times it is not pretty. There are many very explicit sex scenes, attempted rape and just the fact that the Omega’s live on farms indicates just how much they are considered animals. What I really loved about this story was how Kris came to accept what he was and began to put the blame where it belonged on his father. Kris is like so many young boys today whose parents blame them for being gay and yet they raised them and feel no responsibility. Prejudice is alive and well today and a book like this should encourage young people to see how a boy like Kris can overcome and live a happy life.