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Icy Snow Blackstone
Class Act Books
June 14, 2014

Review by Penelope Adams

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When Grace McAllister receives notice from an attorney that her father passed away and she is required to return to her childhood home of Temple, Georgia, she is not pleased.  Grace has made a life for herself working for an attorney in California. Se has no desire to return to her roots.  However, when she finds out  she has a half brother and sister, her curiosity gets the better of her. Off to small town Georgia she goes. Life is going to get very interesting for Grace; not only is she going to find out things about her mother she never knew, she is going to reunite with Mayfield Donovan, the boy who tormented her as a child.

Ms. Blackstone is a native of Georgia, so this book is indeed a coming home for her. She puts the little touches that only someone raised in the south would know, and her characters resonate old south, both the good and the bad of it. As a Georgia peach myself,  I found her writing style fresh and delightful, bringing a smile to lips time and again. Her descriptions of the town of Temple in all its small town charm and the people who live there were spot on and transported me back to my youth in middle Georgia in the 60s.

Grace has not had an easy life, her mother uprooted her from the life she knew when she was very young. The memories she has of that life are not pleasant.  Her father was not an easy, loving man. After they left, he was non-existent in her life. When her mother died, she was left completely on her own. She has managed to make a life with good friends who care about her. Mayfield was nothing but mean to her when they were children. He was the typical older boy who loved to pick on the little Gracie. Her memories of him are filled with fear; she is not interested in getting to know him again.  Mayfield, on the other hand, has grown into quite the southern gentleman; he is completely interested in reuniting with little Gracie.

There are a number of twists and turns in this story I did not see coming and was thrilled each time a new one was revealed.  I’ll admit there were a few obvious twists, more than one cliché and at times I just wanted to smack Grace and tell her to grow up.  That could be because I fell immediately in love with Mayfield and anyone who didn’t love him had to be flat out crazy.

This is a nice, little story of life in a small southern town and all the little dramas that go along with it.   You don’t have to be from the south to enjoy it and clichés aside, I found myself completely taken with the story.

1st Place Winner: 

Best Contemporary Romance Novel

2014 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards