The Journey Book Cover The Journey
Twisting Fates Book Two
MM Science Fiction Fantasy
SMA Publishing
November 6, 2019

The Routine's dominion is cracking. Can Owen pick up the pieces in time to save humanity?

Step into the realm of the Routine once again in this sensually adventurous continuation of the Twisting Fates saga.

"It's been a while since I've read a true sci-fi story that is so intriguing"
"I was drawn in immediately—the imagery of the dystopian world [is] superb"
"There is absolutely nothing run of the mill about this book"
"I cannot wait for the second part of this series"

-Book One reviewers


It's not every day you fall in love and get sent to assassinate an AI god.

Dispatched to discover the truth about the missing colony on Mars, Owen finds allies in unexpected conditions, and explores the depths of new love.

But nothing can be taken for granted under the AI's shadow. The Routine is dangerous, and the man Owen is sleeping next to every night might be its most vicious secret weapon.

Cut off from the world, the young Initiate must confront the strength in his own heart—and be prepared to lose everything. What awaits them on Mars, and can he really trust his new allies? Each discovery leads closer to the truth, but there’s one fact Owen will never forget:

The Routine is lying to us all.

Join the journey as Owen pursues the secrets of the Routine—and learns the endless bounds of love and his own desire.

An immersively mysterious sci-fi romance adventure that spans the solar system!

This is a direct sequel to Twisting Fates Book One: The Screening Routine, OUT NOW!

Reviewed by Xanthe

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The Journey starts right off from where The Screening Room finished off and is definitely a series that needs to be read in order due to the continuing storyline.

Owen, Gael, Colette, Domo and the Proxy for the Routine set out to put plans in motion to check out the supposed missing colony on Mars but with an unexpected pit stop first bringing the group into contact with those that resist the rule of The Routine. Their mission continues on with a lot more unknowns that they thought but have no other option than to continue on.

There’s a really good pace that keeps your attention on everything that is happening to and with the characters as they travel through space from Earth to Mars. Drama unfolds right from the first moment and keeps building to a crescendo that explodes at just the right moment, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat needing to know what comes next. Occasionally I got lost with a couple of the techno terms but it was easy enough to follow along and enjoy the story.

There are a lot of great characters involved throughout and I found myself especially coming to like Domo and even the Proxy draws you in, aided by Owen and his determination to treat it as a person, just like Domo. Owen and Gael have the chance to build and develop their new relationship whilst away from The Routine and their feelings grow deeper just as their attraction heats up. But with any mission, there is always the risk of mistrust or betrayal and the possibility comes to light at the inopportune time of the four being stuck in their shop together. It’s up to Owen to figure out who he places his faith in going forward and if he sticks to the plans they laid out when they first set out on their mission.

I’m really enjoying this series and hope to hear more from these characters and their fight against The Routine. I highly recommend it to fans of sci-fi and new adult romance but do make sure to read the series in order.