Uncle Bud's Health Mine and the Girl Who's Going to Fix the World Book Cover Uncle Bud's Health Mine and the Girl Who's Going to Fix the World
Mary Patterson Thornburg
April 19, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Bud Lomax has had nothing but bad luck. His daughter ran away with a bible salesman, he lost his ranch, and when he and his wife Cissy put their last savings into a cafĂ©, it burned down. Five years after the fire, Bud is approached by Henry Duncan advising him to open Bull Cave which is on Bud’s property as a health cave. Although there is no reason for this cave to heal anyone, there is always mind over matter.

There are many legends about the cave, including one where a five year old girl went in and never came out, or people who went in and came out cured of whatever illness they had. As time went by more and more people paid to enter the cave, but when Cissy died Bud decided to close the mine.

The story is narrated by Bud’s niece who through the years travelled and then eventually returned home where she found out that the mine was going to be sealed for good. Before that happened, she went to the cave to see it for the last time, when a little girl around five named Helen came out claiming that she had been in there sleeping and dreaming. This was obviously the little girl that people spoke of even though she disappeared long before the narrator’s mother was born.

This little girl becomes the narrator’s daughter and we watch as she grows and as every time, she is around things change for the better.

An interesting story filled with legends, superstitions and magic.