Undiscovered Angel Book Cover Undiscovered Angel
The Earthbound Series Book 1
Sharon Saracino
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press
August 22, 2014

Empath Katrina Shepard spends most of her time alone, preferring solitude to the constant press of the pain and emotion of others. When she meets publishing tycoon Kassian McAllister at a party she finds herself intrigued. He is the first man she can't read. Maybe she isn't the only one with strange psychic powers.

An Earthbound Angel, Kassian has spent the better part of a century hunting Jack the Ripper. His personal quest for vengeance has locked his heart and emotions behind a tightly guarded door. But Kat reawakens the emotions he thought long dead. As they grow closer they both learn truths about themselves and see a chance for love.

But Jack the Ripper still roams the Earth and Kat has become the ideal target. Will Kassian finally have his revenge or will he lose yet another woman he loves?

Review by Heather Gabriel

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This book starts out with Elle and her friend, Katrina (aka Kat), going to a book release party. Elle is the author of a very popular book about Jack the Ripper. Even though Kat is an empath and crowds make her uncomfortable, she went to support her friend. That is where Kat meets the mysterious and possibly dangerous Kassian McAllister, who is an Earthbound. When she has an attack in front of him, he comes to her rescue and gets her out of the building. However, when he takes her to his home with the media following he brought her into the middle of his world and an old battle between himself and a very bad Fallen.

As the story continues, Kat finds out some things about her mother and father. She discovers she even has a brother she never knew about. Meanwhile, her cousin wants something Kat’s mom left behind after she passed away and joins with Jacques (aka The Ripper) to try to kidnap Kat. While Kat is trying to free herself, she meets someone whom everyone thought was dead long ago. Who did she meet? Will she be saved or be another victim to The Ripper? Will Kassian and the others finally be able to defeat Jacques? You will definitely want to read this story to find out everything that happens.

This is a great story. It keeps you on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next. The characters are very likeable, and I laughed and cried while reading the story. If you like Paranormal Romance or stories about angels, you will want to read this story. I can’t wait to find out if there is another book in this series.