Unearthly Delights: Tales of Paranormal Desire Book Cover Unearthly Delights: Tales of Paranormal Desire
Delores Swallows/Belinda LaPage/Daddy X/Selena Kitt/Ian D Smith/Jean Roberta/Mary Ramsey/Lisabet Sarai
Anthology/Paranormal Erotica
October 25, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Night Visits: Delores Swallows

Andrew and his wife, Lisa, are starting a new beginning. The kids are in school and they sold their house to buy a fixer-upper cottage just for them and a guest room the kids can use when they visit. Lisa keeps sensing that she is being watched. She is not wrong because when she has sex with Andrew it is definitely not like ever before. A look in his eyes and she knows something has possessed him because the eyes looking back at her are black. Since she is having sex with her husband’s body she is convinced she is not cheating, but then something happens to make her see the errors of her ways.

Imagine: Belinda LaPage

Nathan meets a beautiful woman named Imagine and thinks nothing of her questioning the size of his penis—which should have been his first warning something wasn’t right. This story wasn’t even a page long, but none the less, it was interesting.

The Rasputin Collection: Daddy X

Francine and her husband Harry are middle-aged without children and have a lot of money. Sexually they have been disconnected until the day that Harry finds and buys six very sexually explicit lamps once owned by Rasputin. He agrees to buy one lamp at a time and will have them all within six months. However, the lamps prove to be far more than just a collector’s item. Before long, all the lamps are in his possession and his and Francine’s sex life was never better.

A Successful Breeder: Belinda LaPage

We pick up again with Imagine who discovered Nathan was not all that he claimed to be. Now she has a new man to present to Queen D’endrrha, a man who is married with kids and definitely will make a great breeder, but once again she is in for a huge surprise.

The Velvet Choker: Selena Kitt

Lydia is a young girl who has taken a job as a cleaning girl for a wealthy old man. She is responsible for cleaning only one room, the boudoir. So far, she is the only one who has lasted at the job. This story involves a velvet choker, but not an ordinary choker. An artist is hired to paint Lydia after the choker is placed on her neck. Mr. Hugo Kauffman is way more than just a rich old man he is a collector and when you read this story you will find out exactly what he collects, paintings, jewelry and……….

Patience: Belinda LaPage

Well, Imagine is at it again trying to find the perfect man for her queen. Unfortunately, try number three turns out to be the worst pick ever, not for Imagine but for the queen. As the saying goes if at once you don’t succeed try, try, try again.

The Lesson of History: Ian D Smith

Claire Patterson is a Neurologist and she is attending her cousins wedding. She has never had a very successful sex life. With encouragement from her best friend, Sarah, she has decided to give it a go with the husband to be and the best man. Her dreams have been filled with scenes right out of a porno movie with a young girl and two men whose sex life is everything hers isn’t. It would seem that her dreams are more than she could expect, especially when she realizes that she is seeing ghosts. She learns a valuable lesson on what she truly desires in a sex partner. With any luck, she will succeed in having the kind of orgasms she only dreams about.

A Ripple in the Air: Jean Roberts

When Laura comes home with her boyfriend, Kyle, for a visit her mother immediately finds something off with him. Kyle gets Laura’s mom to admit that Laura was adopted and the man who she loved and raised her was not her biological father. Once this information is revealed, Laura’s mom begins to admit to what her real father was and what she has inherited—in addition to finding out who and what Kyle actually is.

Disciplined: Belinda LaPage

Imagine finally got punishment from the queen for failing miserably in providing a perfect male for her to breed with.

Mystic Force: Mary Ramsey

Sunny is a healer and that is how she met Jahil. She saved his life, only in addition to him, she has to put up with his eighteen year old son Austin who has sex with men for money. Jahil is more than just your average man. She either puts up with his son, or she loses the man she loves.

Right Royal Reaming: Belinda LaPage

Imagine has failed miserably in finding a man for the queen. She has taken her punishment, but she has a surprise for the queen, and it is a whopper.

Underground: Lisabet Sarai

Elena is into BDSM but her desires have proven too much for most men. She has tried one club after another until she meets Z , who finally gives her what she most desires being bled until near death. However, even Z has a point of no return. He gives her what she wants and leaves her changed.

As a rule I rate each story in an anthology individually but since some of these stories are very very short I have rated this book as a whole. All the stories have a paranormal element to them and are very sexy and explicit. Unlike many erotic books, some of the characters are not young hot singles, but are married middle-aged and with children proving that it doesn’t matter how old we are we can still have a very exciting sex life. This is an Erotica Readers & Writers Association Anthology with the Forward by Bob Buckley and it is the first in a series which will feature the works and talents of various authors.