Until Love: A Modern Romance Book Cover Until Love: A Modern Romance
Stuart Land
FF Romance
Independently Published
December 18, 2019

Senator Dorothy, a presidential candidate, has a physical pile-up with a rollerskating reporter. This buds a romance that neither foresaw. The candidate’s monk-like existence is now emotionally challenged. The reporter, Deirdre, is stymied by her reporter duties as she insinuates herself into the campaign. Hilarious drama, from their fear of society and the ongoing presidential race, shower both women with complications that run amok. Each tries to keep their feelings at bay as they pursue their individual goals.

Wrong assumptions and miscommunications turn Deirdre’s reporting into a foreboding, dark media event. The shrew of the First Lady has nefarious intentions to alter Dorothy’s campaign.

A slow-cure of steamy and juicy love intermingle with politics. An assortment of peculiar characters, gay and straight, help to figure out how this potentially disastrous romance may be presented to the politically divided voters. Through the political and emotional extremes, the candidate and the reporter must realize the solution to this potentially disastrous romance on their own. They have to find enlightenment for themselves, the country, and the rest of the world.

UNTIL LOVE is a lesbian romance novel with a flair for drama and comedy. If you like heart-wrenching romance, witty and hilarious dialogue, and outrageous characters, then you’ll love Stuart Land’s funny and dramatic ride of romance through American politics.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Senator Dorothy Lawrence is a presidential candidate, mother of two teenage daughters and divorced she definitely has an uphill battle. We already have lived through another woman running for the same office and we know what happened to her so Dorothy’s chances are even slimmer.

On one of her campaign stops she is run over by a woman on roller skates and this minor accident could be a life changing moment. Dorothy has kept a secret from the public a secret that comes out when she is seen at a gay parade. The First Lady will do anything she has to to ensure her husband gets another four years in the White House and if that means tearing Dorothy apart she is ready, willing and able to do just that.

Of course we are now in the middle of a pandemic and a Presidential campaign and this campaign now going on is every bit as ugly as what Dorothy faces. Fortunately for her she is surrounded by loyal people who love her and respect her in addition to a new woman in her life. The characters in this book are wonderful and while the First Lady is determined to destroy Dorothy her entourage is just as willing to support her.

I am not a huge fan, well I actually am no fan of anything that has to do with politics but Stuart Land who I have not read before did a wonderful job of keeping me interested both in the love aspect and the political aspect. Politics in my opinion is as cut throat and disillusioning as anything but Dorothy made me believe that there are good ones out there who deserve to run this great country, who will put the people before politics who will do everything in their power to make this country what it should be and hopefully this is what will happen in 2020.

A beautiful love story in the midst of a campaign for the highest office in our country and facing constant roadblocks. I will not go into what happens between Dorothy and Deidre or what the outcome of the race for president is. I wonder if our country is ready to put aside everything but what a candidate stands for, not religion, race or sexual preference. If that happens then we will have come a long way.

I highly recommend this book written by an author who left me thinking about what could be in the future. This is more than a lesbian romance but it is a powerful statement about what could be if people put party second and person running first.