The Vampire Girl in London Book Cover The Vampire Girl in London
Richard Arbib
Paranormal Romance
September 27, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the sequel to The Vampire Girl Next Door and that book should be read first, even though the author does a great job of updating the reader.

If you read the first book, then you know Mark Sheridan’s life changed the minute he met Sylvia Martin. Sylvia killed Mark’s next door neighbor so she could rent it and visited Mark during the night with him being unaware of it. When Father Callen, the leader of a vampire hunter group came close to killing Sylvia, a little mind control sent him jumping out a window in their hotel killing him.

Now Mark and Sylvia are on their way to London to be with other vampires and hopefully they will be far enough away from Father Callen’s friends to keep them safe. Of course nothing that Mark and Sylvia do comes easy, so their flight is high jacked and they are heading far from London. Sylvia managed to kill one of them while a man with a hidden weapon disposed of the other.

Mark is thrilled with London, but not so much with Sylvia’s friends. She lives in a mansion with three other couples, and other than Susan and Joseph the others are not very friendly. So in the three weeks that Mark has been with Sylvia, he became a vampire, helped kill a terrorist, and watched as Father Callen threw himself out a window. Now he is with other vampires who don’t seem to be thrilled that he is there.

While on a tour, Mark and Sylvia come in contact with more of Father Callen’s people. The other vampire hunters are unaware of Father Callen’s death and have no idea who Sylvia and Mark are. However, when one of their cars is bombed, it becomes clear someone knows them and wants them all dead. How did Father Callen know Sylvia was in San Francisco? How did Father Callen know where Sylvia was living? How did Father Callen know what hotel Mark and Sylvia were staying at in Reno? Someone knows all about them but who?

This is not your normal vampire book: they walk in the daylight and can be killed. Something is different with Mark and Sylvia and they are evolving, but why? The book has secrets, surprises and betrayals.