Vampire Princess of New York Book Cover Vampire Princess of New York
Arnhem Knights of New York - 2
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Paranormal Romance
Soul Mate Publishing
October 5, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Noblesse Van Der Meer is the daughter of the Vampire King Max Van Der Meer. I did not read the first book in the series, The Vampire King of New York, but the author did a wonderful job of bringing me up to date. I know all about Donovan Dupre and his two daughters. Laura is a Telkhine (can control storms) and is married to Noblesse’s brother, David. His daughter, Evelyn, is now Queen since she is married to Max. Both girls are now vampires.

Donovan first fell in love with Noblesse at Evie’s wedding. He is well aware of the fact that each vampire waits for their lifemate, the one who is meant just for them. Donovan is a human. As much as he loves Noblesse, he knows that if her lifemate appears, he will have to leave her and he doesn’t think he could stand that. He has managed to keep from making love to her in spite of her desire to do so. If Donovan did marry Noblesse, it would definitely be a new meaning to “All in the Family”. Donovan’s two daughters married, one to the king and one to the prince and then if he married Noblesse he would be marrying his daughter’s daughter. Wow!

Unfortunately, Noblesse’s lifemate appears faster than expected in the form of an Ancient named Kaz. Kaz announces that he and Noblesse are lifemates and Donovan does what he feels he has to and leaves. Although Noblesse accepts that Kaz is her lifemate she cannot understand why she still longs for Donovan and why she has no feelings for Kaz. There is a secret to learn about knowing who your true lifemate is, but it is a secret I will not share. Trying to figure out her feelings about the two men who have entered her life is only a small part of what is driving Noblesse. She is still trying to find her mother who disappeared during the French Revolution. She knows her mother is dead, but she wants to visit her grave and put flowers on it.

Donovan is heartbroken and being away from Noblesse is not helping. He feels she is in trouble and needs his help—or is that just wishful thinking on his part? Even if Donovan did get Noblesse, he is human and she is a vampire. Turning him could lead to his death. Is their love strong enough to overcome a true lifemate?

This is a story of love, lies, surprises, and secrets. There is sex, but it is beautifully done and there is also suspense. As I said before, I did not read book one, but I would suggest reading that one first. The characters were wonderful.