A Vampire's Fallen Christmas Star Book Cover A Vampire's Fallen Christmas Star
Vampires on Holiday - Book 2
M.L. Guida
Paranormal Romance
October 23, 2014

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Eleanor Baines lived in 1641, Ireland. That was the year that her life changed forever. Her entire family was killed by vampire hunters, her home burned to the ground, and her father forced to watch as she was gang raped and beaten before he died in front of her. Near death, she opened her eyes to see a man, Janus Morano, looking at her promising not to hurt her. Janus is a vampire, and he gave Eleanor the choice of living as a vampire or dying as a mortal. Seeking revenge against Emmet Carver, her kidnapper and killer of her family, she chose to be a vampire.

Now Eleanor is living in Frisco, Colorado, trying to keep as far away from vampire hunters as she can. She is still trying to get over the nightmares that have plagued her since her family died and she was raped. Over the centuries, she has been unable to be close to a man, any man because what happened to her has left her scarred. Christmas is a few weeks away. For some reason, she dropped her guard and was attacked by a hunter. Using a knife coated with hallowed mud, mud from a cemetery mixed with holy water, she finds herself weakening. Although she has built up some immunity, it just means she takes longer to die.

Once again she is saved by a man, Jayden Kye, a rock singer with a band called Nightmare. When he brings her to the club where he is performing, she knows she must take his blood to survive and then wipe his memory. She never expected this chance meeting to be another life altering experience. Jayden’s best friend and manager is none other than Desmond Carver, a descendent of Emmet Carver, the man who destroyed her family. It seems that the club she finds herself in is one filled with vampire hunters.

Eleanor escapes and never expects to see Jayden again. One snowy night, she not only sees him, she saves him. It has been a month since Jayden’s twin brother, Jacob, died when he fell over the edge of a cliff. Jayden blames himself because he and Jacob had a big fight and Jacob ran from the house. Jacob was a drug addict; when he swore to Jayden, he wasn’t using again, his brother called him a liar. Hurt and angry, Jacob ran to his death. Now drunk and at the same spot Jacob died, Jayden finds himself falling. He lands on a branch which impales him. He is as good as dead until he opens his eyes and stares at a beautiful woman who gives him the same choice that was given to her, live as a vampire or die. He makes the same choice she did so many years ago.

Jayden is the first person she has ever turned. She knows that she must keep a watch on him until his hunger is manageable, but Jayden is not a man to allow himself to be ruled by anyone. He needs to see his mother, and he needs to meet his band to perform. The only way that is possible is if Eleanor accompanies him, which she does. At his mother’s house, Eleanor comes face to face with Desmond. He immediately knows who and what she is. After all her hiding, saving Jayden brought her to her enemy. She has to convince Jayden how dangerous Desmond is, and that no matter how close they are Desmond will not hesitate to kill his best friend if he discovers he is a vampire. Eleanor wants to run but Jayden wants to fight. Who will win the argument?

I loved this story and the characters. Eleanor a damaged woman, dead or undead, and Jayden who wants to be her savior. There are love, romance, loyalty, betrayal, and lies. Although this is the second book in the series, it is not necessary to read them in order. I know, because I did not read book one and it made no difference.

Winner: 2nd Place – Best Vampire Paranormal Romance Novel – 2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards