A Vampire's Tale Book Cover A Vampire's Tale
Maya Tyler
Paranormal Romance
Tirgearr Publishing
March 22, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Marisa Clements was disowned by her rich socialite parents when she decided to follow her dream to become a writer. Not satisfied with her job of writing a gossip column she quit to pursue writing full time. The topic for her books are vampires and but she had no idea that the fiction she wrote was about a creature that existed in real life.

Corgan Hatton is a vampire who decided he wanted to have his story told. Corgan has decided to end his existence and leaving behind his story even though it would not be believed would be his legacy. It must have been the fact that Marisa wrote so many books about vampires that the appearance of one in her living room did not send her screaming. Corgan is able to send his thoughts to Marisa so that she can see in full detail what his story is about. A young boy who saw his parents killed lived in the streets and his existence was pitiful until a beautiful woman took his hand. He had no idea what sort of help she offered until it was too late.

He spent hundreds of years with his maker Dresandra (Dee) until he couldn’t face the horrors of his existence. He wanted to atone for his sins and after a while Dee released him so he could go out on his own and do what he wanted. In spite of his leaving her she has always been there when he was in trouble including destroying a nest of vampires who wanted to see Corgan dead. Since Corgan refused to go along with the rest of the vampires and tried saving people when he could he became an enemy. Dee would not let him be destroyed only they did not see one of the vampires escape.

Marisa can’t help the fact that she is drawn to Corgan and is unwilling to finish he story only to see him go into the sun. She keeps trying to get him to realize that he is not the monster he believes himself to be but it is a hard sell. What Marisa doesn’t know is that Corgan is keeping secrets from her, secrets that could be a matter of life or death, hers. She learns that so much of what people believe about vampires is not true. She also learns about vampire hunters sons born of a vampire father and human mother who eventually find themselves seeking their fathers to kill them.

Someone from the past is coming for Corgan only it is Marisa they want to destroy. They want to take away something important from him and Marisa is it. Corgan has to find the courage to reveal to Marisa how entering into her life has put her life in danger. There are secrets and surprises and some wonderful characters. Marisa is a tough cookie who can’t shut her mind off or keep her mouth shut. Corgan is a vampire trying to atone for what he has done in the past. Then there are wizards, loveable wizards and even a likeable Dee.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves vampire stories, who knows maybe this book is the real confession of a real vampire, something to think about.