Variation Book Cover Variation
Toni V. Sweeney
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press
December 12th 2011

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Gabriel Marsh is an assassin for the Federation and is being assigned a new partner. What Marsh never expected was that his new partner, Aleksandr Karanov, would be a Variant. Lexei is a pure Terran and has the ability to not only change his appearance, physically, but can change his sex as well. He is the Primary, and his Other is a female named Deirdre. As the one in control, Lexei is able to control what information Deirdre knows and is able to keep her a virtual prisoner locked away until he needs her.

Gabriel is the complete opposite of Lexei, he is an Angelus, one of the most law-abiding species known. In spite of the fact that Lexei is a small delicately built man he seems to be able to get any woman he wants and has no problem using them to fulfill his needs. On the other hand he never allows Deirdre to know what it is to be touched or loved by a man, he is determined to have her remain a virgin for the rest of her life.

Gabriel is starting to have feelings for Deirdre, in spite of Lexei’s refusal to allow her any freedom. Gabriel is just as determined to find a way for her to take control away from Lexei. Is it possible for Deirdre to take over as Primary? If she takes over control from Lexei, what kind of relationship could she and Gabriel have? Can someone as narcissistic as Lexei be controlled? Can Gabriel’s love overcome Lexei’s domination over Deirdre?

I have read many many paranormal books but this concept of a human who can change his physical appearance, as well as his sex is quite intriguing. Two totally different people living in one body, one aggressive and one submissive.

This was a short story but one I was totally caught up in, three main characters, the Variant, Deirdre and Lexei and the Angelus, Gabriel Marsh, each one as different as night and day.

I recommend this book, it is different from most paranormal stories. Once again Ms. Sweeney surprises me.