Vengeance The Collection Book Cover Vengeance The Collection
Robert S. Sadler
Robert S. Sadler
February 27, 2012

VENGEANCE is a collection of short stories that highlight mankind’s tendency to mistreat, abuse, and otherwise take advantage of those weaker than themselves

The only problem with feeding off the misfortune of others is that sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

What goes around comes around my friends and karma can be a bitch!

Stories included are:
1.Just Desserts

How far would a lonely housewife go to repay her
unfaithful husband for years of dedicated service
and make sure that he gets his just desserts?

2.What Goes Around

Can you imagine being fired from a job for no other
reason than your appearance? How could you make
your ex-boss experience the same pain?

3.The Foundation

What happens when a former drug-addicted ex-prostitute
decides to start her own family but can’t? To what lengths
will she go to make sure her dreams come true?

4.Happily Ever After

How does a racist, woman-hating, gay-basher react when
he wakes up in a world where everything he has always
known has changed in ways he could never have imagined?


What’s the first thing a convicted serial killer who has
spent his entire adult life behind bars does when recent
improvements in forensic science not only set him free
but make him a rich man? Why he goes to Hawaii of course!

6.Pit Bulls & Roosters

You should never mess with a little girl’s most beloved pet, especially if you are a ruthless millionaire with more
enemies than allies.

It’s A Dual! 

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

The collection encompasses 6 stories. Robert Sadler has chosen these great stories to scare the heck out of you!!! If anyone is old enough to remember Rod Serlings Twilight Zone

Just Desserts- Jeff is married over 20 years and is home a few days a month traveling all over the country supporting his family. Cheryl has been the lonely dutiful wife and longs for the partner she never had. Remember, be careful what you wish for.

What Goes Around- Ron has been working in a hospital for many years, keeping his head down and playing the game. He has seen many changes come. When the new hot shot arrives and wants to make a name for himself, Ron is #1 in his sights. Imagine getting fired because you have tattoos? Watch what happens when Tim Blatche arrives at Westwood Community Hospital.

The Foundation- Penny had a plan. After Justin left her for her obsessive behavior in trying to have a child, she attacked a young mother with a beautiful baby girl, kidnapping the baby and leaving the mother bleeding in the parking lot. She awakens with a ball gag in her mouth, tied to a pillar with a very  angry grandmother to answer to.

Happily Ever After- Joe was a blue collar worker when he got out of the service. He hated everything, like every other redneck. Women were only to be used, gays should be destroyed and he hated all minorities. So what happens when he wakes up after a terrible accident and finds the world reversed? He is married to Enrique. Has a house and a dog, and he is the wife. The last scene in this story is spine chilling.

Mahalo- Kent Irvine has been released from a maximum security prison. He has been there for over a decade, entering at 16 when convicted for a string a murder mutilations. Through the new DNA methods he is exonerated, sues everyone and has a ton of money, yet was actually guilty all along. His pale skin and pink eyes had always ostracized him and he still was a very angry man. He decides to travel and Hawaii is his first stop… Mahalo is the universal word there… See how that word makes a psychopath react!

Pit Bulls and Roosters- We meet 15 year old  Cheyenne, being shown her new home. Her father has passed away and her mother has just remarried. She does not know what her step father  Serghei does for a living but he certainly will be able to afford the swanky Chatham Preparatory school. The beastly girl Deidre said something about her dead father and she broke her nose and cracked some ribs. Serghei  now has pulled her out of school and is training her to follow in his footsteps in the family business. That is until Cheyenne finds out just what the business is and actually what Serghei has planned for them… eeewww.

I am a fan of Stephen King, and Mr. Sadler has all the makings of horror and the macabre that I love so much in the King writings. This book is a wonderful book for those of us who enjoy a good scare and a moment to go Hmmm,

Review by Penelope Adams

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Vengeance is a collection of 6 horror stories, each different, but all with the same theme: Vengeance.

Story 1: Just Desserts is the tale of a salesman, Jeff, who spends more time on the road than at home, and when he is home, his wife just doesn’t seem to appreciate him enough. I’m going to rename this one “hell hath no fury,” and that should just about sum it up.

Story 2: What Goes Around is the tale of a little man with too much power and a man who decided to take it away from him.   I’m going to rename this one “never judge a book by the cover”.

Story 3: The Foundation tells us a story of despair, redemption and a bad idea gone awry. I’m going to rename this one “the grass is not always greener on the other side of the street.”

Story 4: Happily Ever After begs the question can a gay bashing, southern redneck ever change his stripes? I’m going to rename this on “the devil is in the details.”

Story 5: Mahalo is the story of a man who is convicted of a crime and spends 25 years in prison only to be set free when the modern advances in DNA prove him innocent. He does what any other man would do in such circumstances, takes a vacation to Hawaii. I’m going to rename this one “a word can change your life.”

Story 6:  Pit Bulls & Roosters tells us what can happen when you mess with a little girl’s best friend and her dog. I’m going to rename this one “girls gone bad.”

Mr. Sadler has written a collection of short horror stories that will give the reader more than one chance to feel icy fingers snake up their spine. Each story is different from the others, but all have one theme in common – you guessed it – vengeance. I enjoyed this book, maybe a little too much. Mr. Sadler shows us that he has a slightly twisted view on the world and I, for one, am thankful for it. Some of the stories I found predictable, some I shuddered at, and some I actually laughed about. I’m guessing that might make me a little bit twisted myself.

I’m not a fan of the short story; they are usually over too fast and get me frustrated. This didn’t bother me with this book, all the stories were interesting enough to keep me entertained and it was fun to jump to the next to see what Mr. Sadler would come up with. The only thing that kept this from being 5 stars instead of 4.5 for me is the fact that I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s when the original Twilight Zone was on TV, and a few of the stories reminded me of that so they were a little predictable. I did have my favorites, Pit Bulls was great and I actually laughed when I got to the end of Happily Ever After. This is a quick read, I read it in two hours from beginning to end, since they are horror stories, there is violence, some explicit and slightly gory.

I recommend this collection of short stories to anyone who enjoys a good twist, a good chill and maybe a laugh or two.

Gloria:  Good Morning Penny. Looking at our reviews for Robert Sadler’s newest submission, Vengeance – The Collection, we both were stopped short at his wonderful story telling. We both do admit we are not lovers of short stories, but by the ratings we gave this book I think we have made an exception. So tell me which of the stories chilled you the most? I think the story Happily Ever After of the redneck Joe did me in the most… The ending was the most chilling… Some of the others ran a close second. What about you?

Penny:  I think Foundation was the most disturbing for me. I’m not sure if chilled would be the word I’d use, but most definitely scared the dickens out of me. I enjoyed the last one Pit Bulls and Roosters the most. I’m not sure why, it just appealed to my sense of justice. Happily Ever After actually made me laugh at the end, not because it was necessarily funny, but being a southern gal living amongst rednecks, I thought it was the perfect ending. 

Gloria:  Admittedly, they all had the ohhh factor, that is for sure… Foundation was another one that you could shiver at the end… But getting past the southern redneck theory in Happily Ever After, I could not get past that ending… I agree the last story was good but my second best was Just Desserts. I think that also came from left field. I mention that you and I do not do well with short stories, and here we are applauding this wonderful collection. Has much to say about this talented new author 

Penny:  I agree, I think he had just enough of a twisted sense of macabre to make me forget I was reading a short story. Here’s hoping he gives us more in the future, I can’t wait.
Good night Gracie.


Thank you Robert Sadler for allowing us to Dual your newest, Vengeance – The Collection. Goodnight George…George you turned the lights out… it is dark… I’m scared! 

*Winner: Horror – PRG 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Awards