Viktor Book Cover Viktor
Happy Evil After Book 1
Sarah Marsh
Paranormal Romance
Evernight Publishing
June 20, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Witches, shifters, vampires, brownies and a dark Fairy Godmother named Pandora, her name says it all. Pandora (Dori) has decided that she is going to start a new business finding Happy Ever Afters for those too much of a challenge for the normal Fairy Godmothers, after all even those who are not considered worthy of love deserve it and she is going to see that they get it.

Her first clients are Viktor Krescech a century old vampire known as the Destroyer. He is the one parents tell their children about to scare them. He is the monster hiding under the bed and it is a reputation he embraces even though that is no longer what he is like. He was taken by a vampiress named Melisandre who used him as a blood slave until she felt he was getting too old and turned him. His hatred for her and her coven led him to kill them all as soon as he was turned and the only one who escaped his wrath was Conrad Dair who Viktor has been after for centuries.

Dori’s other client is Viktor’s mate Halle Briggs who is to become Conrad’s breeding machine since her father owes him a blood debt. If the debt is not fulfilled then war will break out. The first thing Dori does it convince Viktor that he has to stop Conrad from getting his happy ever after something Viktor is more than happy to do but he never expected to find a beautiful leopard shifter who he has to protect.

Halle knows all about Viktor but she is not afraid since her leopard recognizes him as their mate. Conrad is not going to just go away and Dori, Viktor and Halle have a fight on their hands. This was a vampire, shifter romance with a fairy tale vibe, loved it. Oh and by the way the sex was hot.