Vodka & Handcuffs Book Cover Vodka & Handcuffs
Mary's Boys Book 2
Brandon Witt
M/M Contemporary Romance
Dreamspinner Press
April 26, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

PRG Review Chair and Sr Reviewer

Brandon Witt has started a new FUN contemporary romance series, Mary’s Boys. These Novellas are smart, hopeful, romance oriented; stories that are attached to the famous Hamburger Mary’s Restaurant. Our author has mentioned on social media how comfortable he feels there with friends as well as loving the food.  Brandon has used this location, his hometown of Denver, Colorado.

The first Novella in the series Nachos and Hash introduced us to two polar opposites, Darwin and Cody. Cody works at Mary’s and loves it there. Feels like the family he never had. He strives for nothing more than being away from negative family and happy making his own way. Darwin was the uptight one and we watched two make one great couple. It was in their story where we caught glimpses of the Mary’s hott  bartender Vahin.

Marlon Barton is a black cop in Denver, having a very difficult time. Since he is a good cop, he was given the responsibility training ‘the new guy’ on the force. Just happens to be the nephew of their state senator. Wouldn’t be so bad but the guy is a homophobe, a bully and any other words to make Marlon very uncomfortable in his work setting.

This is how Marlon and Vahin meet. Marlon has had the day from hell with his partner and comes in to Mary’s for a drink. Queue the violins…..and woke up the next morning in Vahin’s bed.

Got to tell you, this story was hot. The two men were sizzling and the story wasn’t bad either. Brandon really love your story line for this setting. You keep writing them, I will keep reading them. More please