Against the Wall Book Cover Against the Wall
Dangerous Protectors Book 1
Debra Webb and Regan Black
Mystery Romance
D & R Books
December 16, 2014

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I know I am a paranormal nut, and have been for a long time, however, something different comes along and I am shouting from my Kindle, and need to tell you about it. Regan Black has been on my radar for years now with her Matchmaker Series and her UF futuristic Justice Series. The Unknown Identities Series was recently introduced by her, showing us a different side of Ms Black. Now the teaming of Regan Black and Debra Webb has established them as The Dynamic Duo in my book with two great debut series, The Specialist and Dangerous Protectors.

This first in the Dangerous Protectors series brings us a maze of political intrigue and possible murder. Jana Clayton, a daddy’s girl, was in deep shock.  Her father Texas Senator Jefferson Daniel Clayton was found dead in his study at home, a victim of suicide. Her step mother, Camille, and her Dad’s closest friend Chief of Staff Samuel Maguire, all accept the police investigations report. When  Jana receives a letter from her Dad after the funeral telling her to trust no one and be careful, Jana calls  an old family friend someone she trust since childhood. Theodore Kingston gives her the name and number of The Guardian Agency.

Dylan Parker is a tall handsome cowboy who is sent by the agency. Jana is not sure he is what she needs until the first problem occurs. She realizes she needs all the help she can get. She is now running from someone who wants to kill her, too, and has no idea what secrets she holds. The story is fast paced and holds your interest. The sizzling fire between the two is great, and the mystery gets better as the story progresses.

The second book in the series Too Far Gone just got downloaded to my Kindle before I started this review. Will fill you in soon. A 5 Star Read all the way.