WANTED; Demon Familiar Book Cover WANTED; Demon Familiar
Wanted Series, Book 1
Bellora Quinn, Sadie Rose Bermingham
Paranormal, Gay Romance
Pride Publishing
June 19, 2018


Sometimes when you don’t know what you want, life gives you what you need.

When Neil Markovic witnesses the murder of his mother by Bone Men his world is thrown into turmoil. On the run from the assassins that killed her, his sorcerer father and the police, Neil finds help in the form of a tall half fae alchemist named Malachai. Mal seems more accepting than most of Neil’s demon bloodline, but curiously immune to his charms.

Malachai Valentine, disgraced scion of a noble leprechaun clan, back in the Old Country, is happy living as an anonymous scrap dealer. Using his talent for alchemy to make fuel and potions, most days he doesn’t even think of his ruinous past. When a scared young man with a fancy car crashes into his life, at first, Mal thinks he can do without the hassle. But as Neil begins to get under his skin, Mal starts to reassess his hopes and ambitions.

Harassed by megalomaniac fae and stalked by sorcerous killers at every turn, Malachai and Neil must fight to be free, and to find what they both truly wanted.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Yippee…a New Series from this talented Duo!   This reviewer is  grabbing  and reading immediately……I am so gushy???? Is that a word????  I am mad about these two young ladies and their Elemental Evidence Series, I will now want to join their  ‘hit me with more club!’  The ‘feel’ of this series is totally different from the Evidence Series, but the writing and story line is still spectacular.

Okay where do I start? One wants to begin with Neil because that is where the book begins. But, I wanted to start with drooling, hot, strong, bigger than life Malachai. Okay down girl……..

Neil Markovic  comes home to find his mother trapped at their home, by assassins called Bone Men. His Mother realizes he has entered the house, and screams for him to run. That moment, he watches them kill her, then turning and coming after him, he has no other thought then to R U N.

Malachai Valentine is living a quiet life under the radar. He is a disgraced son from a nobel leprechaun family, back in the old country. We still have more to learn about His Lordship  and I cannot wait. Mal lives with his friend and partner Mercurio.  Merc is a tough, bigger than life army veteran who can break down a car or weld it back to life. Between working on cars and using Mal’s talents as an alchemist, they live a simple life over their shop.  Life is different from life in the states as we know it, and our authors have skirted around the reason, probably saving it for another story, I’ll bet.

What we have in Demon Familiar is the beginning, artfully painted, of the meeting, the trusting, and the forming of the relationship between Neil and Malachai. Neil is in the position of running for his life, threatened by happenstance of who and what he is. Mal takes on the role of protector, and in doing this we come to learn how very strong Neil can be. The beginning scenes with them are a mixture of each slowly learning about the other; as respect, admiration and a lot of lust grows.

Great beginning! Cannot wait for more!