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The Witches of Wimberley Book 3
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Romance/Witches
dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
July 18, 2018

It's Wednesday's turn for the spring rites, but she stuns the entire colony by saying no and refuses to give her reasons. Hoping she'll change her mind, they recruit her friends to apply pressure and proceed with plans as usual.

The warlock, Rally, met Wednesday at a witches' gathering in Aspen. They barely spoke the entire weekend and he didn't think much of it until afterward, when he found himself waking during the night with her on his mind. He could track her down, but to what end? He certainly wasn't interested in a relationship lasting longer than forty minutes, but it had been months since the brief encounter and he was still being caught by friends, musing about Wednesday instead of listening.

Then one day it came to him that she must have cast some kind of spell. That was all the reason he needed to track her down.

Perhaps he expected to find a compliant, cooperative, submissive female. One thing was certain. He was not prepared for an aloof witch who couldn't manage to care enough to pretend to be indignant. When she shrugged, said, "Think what you want," and walked away, he was left standing with an open mouth and an ancient hunter's impulse to chase rousing to a state of full awakening.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This book was a truly fun read and yet it focused on a very serious threat to the world Global Warming and the environment. Wednesday is determined to somehow save the world and so when the spring rite of choosing a mate happens Wednesday is a no show, instead she is in Greenland trying to heal the environment with magic.

At a witches event in Aspen Wednesday first saw Rally Morovian, a warlock that she couldn’t take her eyes off. Later back at the colony he comes calling for her to take off the spell she put on him. Since seeing her he can’t stop thinking about her and is sure she put a spell on him. After talking to her he comes to realize that there was no spell and with the help of her friend Bell he gets an invitation to the spring rite only to discover that Wednesday is no where to be seen.

Rally has no intention of just returning home and he sets off to meet her in Greenland. The interaction between Rally and Wednesday was priceless with him explaining how they are going to be together and all the things he wants to do to her while she just keeps telling him to shut up. What happens between Rally and Wednesday is not for me to reveal but for you to discover on your own.

A fun read and a very scary topic involving what we are doing to our world.