Werewolves Only Book Cover Werewolves Only
Crescent City Wolf Pack Book 1
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal Romance
August 21, 2018

When the alpha's love for his fated mate is forbidden, he'll risk everything to hold her.

Detective Macey Carpenter has been on the trail of a vicious attacker for weeks, with nothing more than a vague description of a red-eyed man to go on. She has no clue she's hunting demons, and if the evidence doesn't stop disappearing, she'll never solve the case.

Before Luke Mason becomes alpha of the Crescent City Wolf Pack, he has to end the French Quarter's demon infestation and keep the police from discovering the truth. But when he falls head over tail for the feisty detective investigating the crimes, supernatural secrets aren't the only things at stake.

Luke has to mate with another werewolf or he'll sacrifice his position as alpha. But as heat builds between the pair, he discovers Macey has a few secrets of her own. She may hold the key to ridding New Orleans of its demons, but his feelings for her could tear the pack apart.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Macey Carpenter is a detective in the French Quarter and she and her partner are after a rapist who has attacked seven women in three weeks and all reported a man with red eyes. The last attacker is found dead instead of the pile of ash that they normally found. The women have reported seeing a beast come after the attackers but Macey has no idea the changes this case will have on her life.

Luke Mason is the next in line for pack alpha of the Crescent city Wolf Pack after his father retires which is coming up in one month. It is up to Luke to solve the demon problem and to take a mate before he becomes the new alpha and both of these problems are proving very difficult. The day that Macey came to his bar and they shook he knew that she was the one and that she had magic but he also knew she was human and as the new alpha that was a definite no no.

Macey felt a tingle when she shook Luke’s hand and was immediately drawn to him. In spite of her determination not to have a relationship and leave herself open for pain she knows that she wants more of Luke.Macey’s childhood was filled with loss, her parents and her sister and she has allowed that past to dictate her present and future.

Macey is able to read objects and it has been helpful in solving cases but this case is leaving her blank that is until a halfling (half human and half demon) spirit tries to possess her. She realizes now that there is definitely a paranormal element at play and that someone is making halflings. Together with Luke they try to find the man summoning demons and finally end the demon problem.

The problem is being caused by a man named Ross a halfling and by using his brother Jimmy he is able to call on demons. Jimmy is a very sad man, rather a boy in a man’s body and who has been the brunt of Ross’s cruelty. Ross wants to rule the world but the werewolves are killing his demons as soon as he makes them. Jimmy’s tragic life began when Ross was born and his mother died. The mother’s death is something you have to read for yourself.

This was a book I couldn’t put down, demons and werewolves, sex, betrayal, rape and a very strong female character in Macey. Macey and Luke’s relationship is strong and he knows she is his fated mate but being human is something that can’t be ignored but then that is where the surprises come in that change everything. Luke wants only Macey and she wants him but given her past she is not ready to make a commitment even if Luke can convince his father to allow her to be his mate.

I highly recommend this book, it has everything.