Wes' Denial Book Cover Wes' Denial
Tease and Denial
Joseph Lance Tonlet
MM Romance/BDSM
Joseph Lance Tonlet
September 1, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild      


I am always excited to have a dry spell (pardon the pun) as a review chair. Sometimes it is slow enough that I get to choose books and get to read new to me authors.  My friend and reviewer/blogger Lisa Arbitrary mentioned this series and hmmm I did have the time…

Before I begin I must mention, this story is not just an M/M Romance. It may not be for all readers. To explain though, our author has written an epic love story spanning the lives of Marcus and Wes from their beginnings. We learned in each book about them, and what made them who they were exactly when they met. Then we watched them grow even closer in this second book Wes’s Denial; when Wes finally shared his needs.  Slowly before our eyes two became one…. with trust, and love. They were perfect for each other and this awesome author took us there step by step.

We followed Grif’s life in Grif’s Toy when Marcus learned quite suddenly at a young age he had a body to be ridiculed. This humiliation would follow him forever. We learned in Wes’ Denial about Wes’ life, and how the flashbacks we follow have also formed who Wes is.  Chocolate, Vanilla and in between were their sweet acceptance of each other, a need for the two of them to fulfill.

Joseph Lance Tonlet, I feel privileged to have read your two books. I did it bleary eyed over this weekend because I couldn’t put both down. You are a master of words, writing a symphony, music of a journey you have taken us on. This is one I would not have missed for the world.

I must say the Epilogue just about did me in. No Spoilers…..So please readers take a chance, broaden your reading horizons. I do not think you will be disappointed…..