Whickering Place Book Cover Whickering Place
Legacy of Darkness, Book 2
London Clarke
Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller
Carfax Abbey Publishing
July 30, 2019

In this gripping follow-up to The Meadows, a woman trapped by her own fears inherits a house haunted by a legacy of darkness and a history of ritual sacrifices.

A violent attack that happened nearly a decade ago has left twenty-seven-year-old Avery Tullinger barely able to walk outside. Following her estranged father’s death, she inherits Whickering Place, a historic mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, currently occupied by two tenants: Colin Gallagher, a young doctor, and his mysterious brother, Pearse. Soon after moving in, Avery learns that her father’s life in the house was consumed by the supernatural … and the activity appears to be starting again.

As paranormal events within the house escalate, so does Avery’s attraction for Pearse, even though Colin warns her that his younger brother is involved in a dangerous cult called The Colony. Faced with losing Whickering Place, her heart, and even her life, Avery is forced to make unimaginable choices. And as Whickering Place becomes the focal point for The Colony’s bloody rituals, the house’s dark history threatens to repeat itself.

At turns a novel of terror and a story of love, Whickering Place is a paranormal thriller of nonstop suspense about the risks of living and loving outside safe boundaries and the relationships that change, motivate, and sustain us.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been ten years since Avery Tullinger and her boyfriend were attacked by a crazy woman with a knife, ten years since her boyfriend died and ten years since she for all intent and purposes gave up living as well. Avery suffers from agoraphobia and now at the age of twenty-seven she barely leaves her apartment. After years of therapy her doctor has finally gotten her to the point where she is willing to leave her home and move into the mansion left to her by her father, a father she hasn’t seen in nearly twenty years and who took his own life.

As a web designer instead of the police officer she always dreamed of becoming she is able to work at home another excuse to not leave the house. The house her father left to her is called Whickering Place and it is huge just another place with more room for her to lose herself in. She has two tenants living in the house, two brothers a doctor and a phlebotomist so the idea of two elderly gentlemen living there gives her a small sense of security. Unfortunately, the elderly gentlemen are anything but, they are young and handsome but still she isn’t alone.

Maris Manners her father’s attorney has taken Avery under her wing and keeps insisting that the house is too much for her to handle especially with her disease and is more than willing to buy it, it sounds good to Avery but she is not ready to just walk away yet. Then the unbelievable happens, strange noises, a ringing phone that isn’t hooked up and her father’s journals outlining his experience with demons and vampires. The vampires in this book are not the living dead just humans who practice drinking blood and sacrifices. These humans are scarier than the real vampires because blood is not a need to survive but just a means to torture and kill.

Colin Gallagher and Pearse Gallagher are two totally different people in spite of being brothers; Colin is a doctor and quite normal unlike Pearse who always seems to disappear, is moody and sometimes seems to be covered in blood. Through her father’s journals and Pearse’s confessions Avery learns about the existence of the Colony, a cult who have a very strong attachment to the Whickering Place and the demons who reside there want Avery and the house.

At this point in my review it would be so easy for me to reveal what happens but I won’t. I will say that there were times I had to close the book to catch my breath that was how intense this book was but I didn’t stay away for long because I had to continue reading. A lot happens to Avery, Colin and Pearse and a lot is still left to learn. My only complaint is that I have to wait until next year to get more answers as to what happens to Avery, but I will wait for my next fix.