Whistler Wonderland Book Cover Whistler Wonderland
Georgia Tingley
Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Georgeous Publishing
November 29, 2019

Cherise really, really loves Christmas. So, when she wins her perfect holiday for two, a white Christmas at Whistler Ski Resort in Canada - all her dreams come true. There’s only one downside to her ‘12 Days of Whistler’ vacation … her boyfriend of six months has dumped her only weeks before they’re due to fly out.

When her brother’s annoying best friend wants to buy her ticket, she point-blank refuses. Hunter had always been a thorn under her skin, ever since he’d asked her brother ‘who the fat chick was’, on meeting her as a pre-teen. The insult had stuck with her over the years, and in her opinion, Hunter was way too good looking, and needed to be brought down a peg or two every now and again. Cherise had assigned that job to herself, sick of women drooling over him. Plus, there was no way she would sell her ultimate Christmas so he could take one of his girlfriends.

Then Hunter offers her a deal she can’t refuse. They’ll share the holiday, and with him paying for half, Cherise has plenty of spending money. However, there were conditions. One, Hunter must escort her to all the couple events the holiday entails, and two, absolutely NO SEX!

Among the magical festivities of a Whistler Wonderland the rules shouldn’t be too hard to enforce. After all, Cherise was immune to Hunter’s charms, so she could easily resist him, right?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Cherise Wright won tickets to Christmas in Canada, “Twelve Days of Whistler’ Christmas Holiday” deluxe room, transportation, and lots and lots of winter activities. Everything was going as planned until her boyfriend cheated on her and they broke up.Now the exciting trip with many activities geared to couples would mean she went alone or with a friend. Her friend idea didn’t work out because they all wanted to stay home with family for the holiday. The only one who was happy to share this trip with her was her brother’s friend Hunter.

When she was eleven years old, she heard Hunter ask her brother “who’s the fat chick?” Of course, the only chick around was her. Since then she has had a love hate relationship with him but when he offered to pay for his half of the trip allowing her extra money to spend she accepted his proposal with a few rules, he would go with her on all the activities involving couples and there would be no sex. Despite having only one room which she immediately switched beds in from king to two queen Hunter was more than happy to go along with all her rules all the while doing his best to get her into a bed with him.

Hunter is a lady’s man who has no thoughts of marriage or commitment his longest relationship lasts only a few months before he is on to the next one. Cherise is a challenge he is hoping to conquer before the two weeks is up. He has no doubt that Cherise will give into him sooner or later, and he is just biding his time. Together and having more fun than either of them could ever imagine, it gets harder and harder for Cherise to stick to her rule of no sex. However, she knows all about Hunter and has no doubt she will be heading for heartbreak down the road.

This was a very sweet novella filled with all kinds of Christmas fun which sounded awesome except for the snow part which if I look out my window, I can get my fill of and none of the snow involves fun.