Wicked Darkness Book Cover Wicked Darkness
Daughters of Highland Darkness Trilogy, Book 3
Victoria Zak
Gothic Romance, Paranormal
Amazon Digital Services LLC
March 27, 2018

A sister's ultimate sacrifice…

Leana blames herself for destroying her sisters' lives and for the death of their beloved mother. But one night, Leana finds a way to save her sisters. She disguises herself as a mortal woman, hiding from the world of magic and her greatest enemy, Queen Snowdrop, the queen of the Unseelies.

A warrior's troubled soul…

Kendrick is a broken man, dependent on ale to make the sorrow left behind by the loss of his wife bearable. He's vowed to never love again until his friend convinces Kendrick to hire a housemaid from the local tavern to take care of his home and children. Can he resist the desire the beautiful redheaded tavern maid has awakened?

Two broken hearts become whole…

Leana's heart is cold as ice, at least that's what she believes. Until Kendrick resurrects the passion Leana thought was long gone. What is it about the battered warrior that stirs her feelings? Will one kiss spark hope between Kendrick and Leana, or will they surrender to fear, denying their love, the very thing that could save the people they treasure most?

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team  

Ever since that fateful night that Leona Keith went to the fairy fire and promised to live with the Unseelie Queen she has lived with the guilt her actions caused her sisters Adaira and Masie. She never expected her sisters to follow her but they did and now they are all blood drinkers.

Leona has finally come up with a plan to stop her sisters from searching for her and that plan involved killing a young girl from the tavern. Davina was deathly sick and when Leona offered her a chance at peace she readily agreed. Burying Davina in a shallow grave with her cloak she now hopes her sisters will accept her death and live productive lives. She is now Davina working in the tavern and trying to keep her beast under control.

Kendrick Fletcher lost his wife in child birth five years ago  leaving him with three children a son and two daughters. His pain at the loss of his beloved wife has made him a drunk barely able to care for his home or his children and when his best friend Finn suggests he hire a housemaid he accepts the idea only the person he chooses is Leona (Davina) but when she agrees with the stipulation that after a year they marry or she leave he storms out the door. He refuses to love again and marriage is definitely not on his radar.

When Rafe and Bhaltair enter the tavern Leona realizes that she has to accept Kendrick’s offer and drop any thought of possible marriage even though she had immediate feelings for him. Now she lives in his home and is working towards getting his children to accept her at the same time hoping that she does not bring evil into their home.

I have no intention of giving anything away or revealing the secrets and surprises that ran through all three books. This was a wonderful series filled with amazing characters and the books must be read in order. Even though many of the secrets were revealed in the last book I will not give them away because they are too important and should be read first hand. I read the first two books in one day and this one in one day so that is an indication of how much I loved them.