Wild Wild Hex Book Cover Wild Wild Hex
A Hexworld Short Story
Jordan L. Hawke
Paranormal, Gay, LGBT, Romance, Novella
Amazon Digital Services LLC
October 26, 2017

Can a lawman witch find love with an outlaw familiar?

After weeks spent tracking down the gentleman bandit Rafael, Hexas Ranger Enoch Bright finally has the outlaw in his sights. He doesn’t expect to find out Rafael is his familiar.

When Enoch runs afoul of the murderous Bone Gang, he and Rafael strike a deal to take down the gang together. As lawman and outlaw work together, Enoch soon realizes the next thing the gentleman bandit steals will be his heart.

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Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Our Ms Jordan has decided to play with her fans, and taken us on a trip into the Wild West. The time of bank robbers, steam engines, and rock ‘em , sock ‘em cowboys. You realize we thrive on her number one genre love; Historical. Between the Wyborne and Griffin Novels and Hexworld she allows us to be taught about our own world at the turn of the century.

This short is oh to short story, but we get a glimmer of Jordan having some word fun with us! ….Hexas Rangers anyone?

The story line was easy to follow, the steal from the bad and give to the poor left us with endearing thoughts the moment we met Rafael, aka The Gentleman Robber. Enoch was also easy on the eyes.

Cant say enough about this young woman, just admire her writing and always looking for more…..