Wilder Ryder Gets Lucky Book Cover Wilder Ryder Gets Lucky
Falling for Fame, Book 4
Julia McBryant
LGBT, Enemies to Lovers, Gay Romance
Independently published
August 7, 2020

Paparazzi trap the president’s All-American boy with the self-proclaimed prince of Myrtle Beach— and Ben’s forced into a fake relationship with Wilder Ryder in this opposites attract gay comedy...

Ben Quincy: I thought he'd make a good quickie, but we got caught. Then the stupid twink barfed on me at the top of the Ferris wheel— in the middle of a national broadcast. He's sexy as sin, but I’m saddled with a go-kart riding minigolf champ all summer long.

The only good part is the hate sex.

Someone save me from Wilder Ryder before something awful happens. Like more snakes.

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Reviewed By Aethena Drake 

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This book is short and sweet, opposites attract, romance with a bit of snark and a dash of humor.  Ben and Wilder are decidedly different personalities.  Wilder’s laid back attitude instantly clashes with Ben’s uptight demeanor, but that doesn’t stop their immediate attraction.  Acting on that attraction leaves Wilder and Ben exposed by the paparazzi.  In order to circumnavigate a potential scandal, Ben and Wilder are forced to behave like boyfriends for the press.  The more Ben and Wilder get to know one another, the harder it is for them to find reasons to hate one another. 

The setting was captivating.  Growing up in a redneck tourist town, you get used to being judged by people who don’t quite understand the beauty of your home.  The author does a wonderful job of using the unique nature of Myrtle Beach to encourage the reader to empathize with Wilder’s inherent distrust of Ben as an outsider.  

Developing a character’s personality in a short book can be challenging, but the author develops two very distinct and interesting main characters in just the first few chapters.  Wilder’s idiosyncrasies reflect the nature of the place where he has grown up.  Being forced to spend time on Wilder’s home turf evolves Ben’s character in interesting ways, and moves the plot in a slightly unexpected way.  The story was engaging and the resolution had just the right amount of warm fuzz balls.  Yes, fuzzballs!

I recommend this book for anyone who wants a quick, well polished, happily ever after, story with a bit of spice and a whole lot of southern sass!