Wings of Air Book Cover Wings of Air
Heir to the Firstborn, Book 4
Elizabeth Schechter
New Adult/College, Futuristic, Fantasy, Romance
Independently Published
March 22, 2021

At last, it looks like the end may be in sight. Aria has all of her Companions by her side, and the Usurper Mannon has abdicated and sworn his allegiance to her as Heir to the Firstborn. The time has come to leave Terraces and claim the Palace, and Aria’s place on the throne.

As they lay their plans, news comes from the north – the Palace has been attacked by Risha and her forces. People have been killed, and it is clear that something has been taken from the Palace.

Discovering what has been stolen, and what secrets lay within the Palace walls will lead Aria and her Companions into a twenty-five year tangle of conspiracy and betrayal that will change everything that they believe, and everything for which they have been fighting.

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Reviewed by Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

He has surrendered. He has abdicated and sworn fealty to me, and I have chosen to
believe him. For the moment, he is…useful to me. So, I must decide his fate. And it is my
decision. Not yours. Not his.”—Wings of Air

“Wings of Air” is book four in the Heir to the Firstborn series. If you’re concerned that
you’ll need to read the first three books to appreciate this one, don’t be. Schechter does a
tidy bit of exposition in Chapter One. But if you’re interested, the Heir to the Firstborn
backlist includes “Worlds Begin,” “Written in Water,” “Forged in Fire,” and “Bones of
Earth.” Clearly, we’re into some elemental worlds here.

Aria is the Heir to the Firstborn, the woman meant to rule all her people with her
Companions by her side. Each of her Companions are born from one of the elemental
clans: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Life among Aria’s people, which had previously been
orderly and predictable, was thrown into chaos when the kingdom was usurped by
Mannon, known as the Butcher. But Mannon was more than that. He’s one of Aria’s
family and his treachery is far-reaching.

The books, then, tell the story of how Aria and her Companions learn what
Mannon—and others—have done to block Aria’s ascension to the throne. They also learn
their place with each other.

Aria is pregnant. Del, to say the least, lost his ability to speak which is fortunate since it
forces him to further develop his innate skills. Owyn? If I told you about Owyn, that
would be a spoiler, so….

“Wings of Air” is a bridge story. That’s fine because it gets us from one place to another.
The place it gets us to, and the secrets revealed? Well, apparently that’s what the next
book in the series is about.

A four-star read about the Heir to the Firstborn saga, its court intrigues and
unexpected connections to the past.