Witch Wants Forever Book Cover Witch Wants Forever
The Witches of Wimberley Book 2
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Romance/Witches
dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
April 27, 2018

Rachel can't imagine life without Dashiell Fonteneau. They were the kind ofcouple who believed they were destined to find each other eons beforethey were born. Married people, but forever lovers.

When Dashgoes to Denver on a business trip that was supposed to last for threedays and doesn't come home, Rachel finds herself in conflict with thecommunity at Wimberley over what to do.

The entire enclave is inagreement when they decide she can't use magic to bring him back.They're sympathetic, but say she'll have to learn to live without him.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team  

When a witch is ready to be mated men come to Wimberley for spring rites and to meet their mate. Dashiell Fonteneau received an invitation and decided to attend. A witch meets their destined mate and always fall in love but when Dash saw Rachel the love he felt was instant.

After a year of marriage Dash was asked to go to Denver for a convention and in spite of his hesitation in leaving Rachel he decided to go. He finally visited his parents something he dreaded doing. He grew up in an affluent life style but that lifestyle was not him. He wasn’t even sure if he would reveal he was married and when he finally decided he had to return home there were no earlier flights.

With nothing to do Dash decided to drive up into the mountains and it was while he was at a panoramic vista that a car came out of nowhere sending Dash’s car with all his ID over the cliff and leaving him unconscious after hitting his head on a rock. It was Jack Berry a deputy that found him and brought him to his house until medical help could determine how bad his memory loss was, because when he woke up he didn’t know his name, where he was or why he was there.

A doctor who specializes in amnesia suggested that Dash’s story be broadcast over the TV hoping that someone will recognize him. It was Dash’s brother Zane who saw the story and arranged for Dash to return home. Without his memory it would appear that his father will finally get his wish and get his son to take over the family business.

Rachel has the ability to astral travel and she knows exactly what is happening with Dash. Forbidden to use magic to get Dash back she comes up with a new plan because she would rather die than live without him.

I won’t go into anything more in this review and what happens to Rachel and Dash is up to you to find out. I did not read book one in this series but it in know way impeded my enjoyment of this one. I am a huge fan of Ms. Danann but this book was lacking in excitement and therefore did not get my usual five star rating.