Witch Way Book Cover Witch Way
P.J. Yancey
Paranormal, Romance, Mystery, Witches
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May 1, 2016

Almost a year after her husband’s death, Tacie Reed finally goes through the box of his things the police gave her, having decided the time has come for her grieving to end, put the past behind her, and start living again. When she touches his badge with his dried blood, her secret gift of clairvoyance picks up the last moments of his life, showing that his stepmother was behind his killing. It was not a robbery gone bad, it was cold-blooded murder. Tacie’s thinks her former job as a policewoman has prepared her for all kinds of criminals, until she deals with Renee Reed. When Tacie tries to draw Renee Reed out by contacting her, she finds out she is now the object of Renee’s sinister deeds. Renee will stop at nothing, even threatening Tacie’s ill father to get Tacie out of her husband’s will. After all, this is not the first time Renee has been a murder suspect.

With the help of Tacie’s Aunt Dar who embraces her magick and her best friend BJ, Tacie manages to back Renee Reed off. She marries Brent Winterhawk in a hasty marriage of convenience. This will prohibit her from receiving any inheritance from the Reed family. In return she secures her and her dad’s safety. Her objectivity begins to unravel as she falls in love with Brent and her feelings get in the way of her logic.

But Brent has problems of his own. Someone has made three attempts on his life with no apparent motive. His best friend Chase is concerned and tries to stay close. BJ wants Tacie to investigate the threats to Brent using her gift of second sight.

Tacie keeps telling herself that it is her second sight that tells her when Brent is near, but in reality she knows it is her heart. Her objectivity begins to unravel as she falls in love with Brent and her feelings get in the way of her logic.

The key to the uncanny things happening around them is Uncle Joe, Brent’s uncle and powerful Medicine Man with Apache Indian Tribe. It is through Uncle Joe’s sketches from visions that things begin to come together and explain the unexplainable. The sketches Uncle Joe draws are done in the era of the old west. Indian warriors are used to depict what is happening in the present day. The key is to put the sketches in an order of what has happened matching the faces, events to the present day. And with any luck at all to what will happen next. With the sketches and the second sight of Tacie, they begin to see the pattern emerge.

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Review by Madison Davis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Tacie Reed sits in front of the box the police had handed her over after her husband was shot in the line of duty. She has a hard time opening the box, even a year after Robert’s passing. Her grief is very much present, and she cries.

Tacie has been a police officer for years and is now a successful private investigator When she opens the box, she picks up her late husband’s wallet, and within one minute she discovers that something must be wrong around Robert’s death. By touching Robert’s badge, Tacie sinks to the ground and has a vision.

And there the story already takes off. Tacie knows she inherited her visions. Her mother as well her grandmother had supernatural talents, as does her aunt, Dar.

Tacie has a best friend, B.J. who the reader meets a few pages into the story. B. J. is a wonderful character and the best friend anyone could ever imagine. Through the entire story she’s at Tacie’s side, councils her, involves her family into protecting her best friend and risks her own life to help her friend. To get rid of the threat B. J.’s half-brother Brent agrees to marry Tacie and from there the ‘dark-faced man’ threatens them all.

Brent is an amazing character, and the moment I ‘met’ him, I fell in love with him. So did Tacie. Their marriage is supposed to be a business agreement. Will Brent be able to keep his promise to protect Tacie? And will this marriage stay strictly business?

The start of the story was intriguing and so is the entire story idea. I discovered I knew far too early how the story would end and who the bad guy is. The author’s writing style is slightly amateurish. The manuscript should be handed over to a professional proofreader and editor before being judged by a handful of experienced beta-readers.

With professional help and support Witch Way could become an entertaining weekend read.