Witchblood Book Cover Witchblood
Kitsune Chronicles Book 1
Lissa Kasey
Paranormal Romance
March 8, 2019

Sebastian Volkov, a fox shifter raised among werewolves, ran from everything he ever loved after a brutal attack that left him fearing his own shadow. That night a single kiss saved his life and left him with fantasies of a man whose face he couldn’t remember. When Sebastian’s car breaks down in a small Washington town, he meets an Alpha werewolf who reminds him vaguely of a stranger’s kiss.

A year ago Liam Ulrich, Alpha of the Northern Cascade’s Pack, shared a magic filled kiss with a virtual stranger, the infamous Witchblood child of the most powerful werewolf in the world. Since that night, Liam has been waiting for Sebastian to find his way home. Liam knows that Sebastian doesn’t trust easily, or at all, so he’s going to have to give his prickly mate time and space.

The past Sebastian tried to escape still stalks him and slowing down gives it time to catch up.
When the werewolves’ ultimate enemy rises up to cast its shadow over them all, Sebastian realizes he will have to stop running or risk losing everything…. including his hope of a future with Liam.

Edit: Edition updated to reflect minor character changes, grammatical corrections and a removal of about 500 words.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Sebastian Volkov is a Witchborn who grew up in the Vokov pack  and was adopted by Xander Volkov the head of the pack. Sebastian was always on the outside because he was a fox and not a wolf but that didn’t stop Felix Volkov, Xander’s son from taking him as his lover. Felix was once again going to marry a female and Sebastian had finally had enough telling Felix that he was finished with him and that was what led to Felix losing it and nearly killing Sebastian.

Sebastian knew he was dying and was only able to crawl a little ways hoping that the earth would help him heal but it was a stranger who kissed him allowing him to take the stranger’s energy that saved him. As soon as he was able Sebastian ran and for a year kept on running, hungry, tired and scared he stopped at a bakery to purchase old bread and hopefully get a job for a short time to give him enough money for gas so he could continue running.

When the manager of the bakery came to talk to him Sebastian knew immediately that he was a wolf what he didn’t know was that this wolf, Liam Ulrich the Alpha of the Northern Cascades Pack was the same wolf that kissed him and saved him a year ago.  Taking the day old bread once again Sebastian ran only this time his car died on him and no amount of magic was going to bring it back to life. A broken car wasn’t enough trouble because he found himself being attacked by a bunch of wolves who managed to tear his car apart while he was trying to hide in it and finally tearing him apart.

Once again Sebastian thought he was dead and once again he was saved by Liam. It was Liam who explained to him about the first time they met and it was Liam who explained to him that they were mates. Never being able to trust, Sebastian is still convinced that running is the only out for him but it is hard to run when someone is showing you nothing but kindness and protection. Scared to death at the idea of being mated to anyone and still wondering what Liam really wants from him Sebastian is still willing to stay awhile especially when in spite of what his head says his heart feels safe around Liam.

Sebastian wonders how an Alpha would chose a man as a mate and is sure that Liam like Felix will keep him a secret but Liam is out to prove how wrong he is. In addition to being a Witchborn Sebastian is an Omega capable to bring peace and calm to those around him but his past is going to once again bring danger to his life, fae, witches, a vampire and especially Felix is out there and all of them want a piece of Sebastian. Can Liam protect him from all his enemies?

I loved Sebastian and Liam they were wonderful characters but I found the book to be a little slow moving at times but not enough to make it unenjoyable.