Witchin' A Ride Book Cover Witchin' A Ride
Magic and Mayhem
Sharon Saracino
Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Kindle Worlds
February 21, 2017

Review by April

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Ella is a witch, who rescued a mangy cat from a dumpster, which she found on her first day of exile. Almost a year later, a stinky Ekimmu spirit ghost, sent by the head witch Baba Yaga that exiled Ella in the first place, informs her to get back to Hemlock Hollow, where she’ll receive her magic once more.

Sounds good, except without her magic, hardly any money and a really, really bad sense of direction, a lazy cat that can’t stay awake for long, except to clean himself, this short novella turns into a humorous story of how everything which goes wrong can turn out so differently from how you thought it would, with a bunch of characters I couldn’t help loving, except said stinky Ekimmu, nothing to love there, especially after she’d smashed the coffee-pot.

This is a fun, sweet, amusing and highly addictive story, and I want, no, I need more. I’ll definitely be looking into other books in this series, and by the very talented author, Sharon Saracino. I advise you add this short novella to your must read list.