Those Without Life Book Cover Those Without Life
Donald Gorman
Paranormal Suspense
QuickDraw Studios
October 7, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a difficult review for me since the story involved a lot of characters and seemed to be all over the place.

Sister Catherine, a nun who helps out at a soup kitchen, has dreams of one of the men who used to come but has suddenly disappeared. She has dreams, and those dreams always come true. She sees this man and knows he is dead and trying to tell her something.

Four young T.W.L. kids (Those Without Life) more commonly known as Goth are subjected to bullying by the jocks. In spite of the non-bullying school policy, which of course doesn’t change what is going on. Each of these kids Brittany, Kyra, Ayden, and Blaine have difficulties at home. Brittany’s mother is constantly cheating on her father whom Brittany adores, Kyra’s father travels for his job and they rarely stay in one place for more than a year. Ayden’s parents are divorced and when he spends time with his father, he is always his drunken father’s punching bag. Blaine has a mother who is always in search of a new man and she has had many.

When Brittany finds something called a Transcendence Board promising to help contact the Other Realm all the kids take part in seeing how it works. They are about to bring forth something they will have no control over, something evil. In spite of hearing a voice telling them “Don’t Do It” they do what teenagers usually do—they ignore it. They find themselves in trouble especially when they get angry and the evil takes control.

Thanks to the warnings in her dreams by Mark Dillford, the man from the soup kitchen, Sister Catherine knows she must find the children and save them. However, who they are is a mystery to her. When she goes to the police for help, they ignore her and consider her crazy.

The story follows the Goth children, the jocks, the nun, two teachers, and the kid’s families. The story jumps around, but even saying that the last half of the book picks up and gets exciting. There is violence and suspense. I totally enjoyed this book and I am happy that I kept reading.