The Wizard's Desire Book Cover The Wizard's Desire
Anna Wineheart
M/M Paranormal
December 6, 2016

Review by Virginia Lee

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The Wizard’s Desire takes you to a special place, an unusual one: a snow globe. How did two men, Kei and Orion arrive there? They both have problems with magic. Orion had himself locked into the snow globe by another wizard to protect everyone from his magic. Kei has to overcome the past, one that includes losing his parents due to magic. Wizards used their magic to make Kei own parents forgot all about him and see him as a total stranger.

As you read the story, you begin to understand why they are trapped in that space. It is to force them to work hard to overcome past problems and to grow. Orion is motivated by his strong desire for Kei. He will work hard to earn Kei’s trust and love. Kei must face the fact that the man he calls a friend is a wizard, but can he overcome his hate of magic?

Orion’s personality and character will have you laughing with all his tricks in trying to get Kei to bed. Orion tries to keep things very light and flirts with Kei. Over time, a strong friendship grows into love while they are within the confines of the snow globe.

This was my first book by Anne Wineheart. I am really looking forward to reading more in the future. I recommend this book if you like a different twist in paranormal books.