Wolf Heart Book Cover Wolf Heart
Wolf Moons Book 3
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Paranormal Romance-Shifters
June 28, 2020

One night changed their lives forever...

Colton Killion--Miami Police offer and full-blooded Lycan, barely survives the vicious vampire attack that decimates his family. The trauma transforms him into a legendary being among wolf packs. Ghost Wolf. Now he's on a life-and-death mission to restore justice. The last thing he needs is a distraction--especially Rosalind Kirk.

Rosalind Kirk-- long kept in seclusion due to her extraordinary talents, also fights the vampires. But her talents include absorbing traits of other creatures...and when something dormant in her family's bloodline wakes up inside her, the spirit of an ancient Banshee vies for space, making Rosalind a unique wolf-vampire-banshee hybrid.

Now, Colton is the only being who can protect Rosalind from Others. But can they ignore the passion that sparks between them?

Rosalind and Colton must risk everything by crossing a forbidden line...consequences be damned.
**Origninally titled WOLF BORN**

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Colton Killion is a Miami police officer and a full blooded lycan but one fateful night his life will change forever. An answer to a police officer down sends him running because the crime is where his parents live. In a rush he changes into his wolf giving him more speed but when he howls he hears another howl from a female and this sound makes him question which direction he should go in. Of course duty comes first and what he finds will be the cause of an act of revenge that will forever change him.

His parents are dead and vampires are responsible so he acts before he thinks and he finds himself surrounded by the enemy, too many for him to handle alone. He finds he is not alone for long because the female he heard howl is there fighting with him.

Rosalind Kirk is visiting Judge Landaus and his pack along with her father. Most of her life she has lived like a virtual prisoner never mingling with others like herself and her desire for some freedom was what sent her over the Landaus’ fence where she heard a howl that set her heart pounding. She knew she had to help the wolf in danger, the wolf that she felt a connection with even though they hadn’t even spoken to each other or learned each other’s name.

Colton is grievously wounded and his hair and body are white there is no doubt that he will never be able to return to his past life and he still has no idea what he is turning into other than a ghost wolf. The minute he wakes up and sees Rosalind there is nothing, even severe injury, that can keep him from wanting her and taking her. They imprint and suddenly Rosalind is also changing. She has no idea what is buried inside her and the reason her father always kept her separated from others.

While Colton and Rosalind have to fight the changes they are going through and the evil that is coming for them their love grows to a point where living without each other is impossible. Secrets are revealed but Rosalind and Colton have a fight on their hands, a fight that could separate them forever.

I loved this book but must admit that there were many editing problems. I gave this book five stars in spite of the editing because my job is to review the story not the editing. There are times when editing can diminish the reader’s enjoyment of a story but that was not the case here. If you love paranormal romance filled with secrets, romance, sex and suspense then look no further.