Wolf Trap Book Cover Wolf Trap
Wolf Moons Book 2
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Paranormal Romance
March 12, 2019

Hunger... howls in the night.

Miami. Dr. Parker Madison, new to the cult of the werewolf, is compelled to help Chloe Tyler work through her own accidental brush with a pair of razor-sharp claws as the next full moon approaches, shape-shifts are imminent, and the Miami PD is hot on their trail.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Dr. Parker Madison is handling his transition into a werewolf. It has been eight months of adjustment and he has finally come to realize that he is enjoying his change, the only problem is that he has no idea why he changed and if there are others out there like him. It is scary to think that you have suddenly become a werewolf when the moon is full and have no idea if you are alone.

In Parker’s search for answers he has been investigating an estate where he is sure that there are those inside not totally human but before he can get any answers he hears a woman scream and his first duty is to help someone in danger. What he finds is a young woman badly beaten and near death.

Chloe Tyler was being chased by five men and when they caught up to her they were brutal. She was beaten, broken wrist and ribs, black and blue and bitten. Parker rushed her to the hospital but when he held her there was an immediate feeling of connection, a connection she seemed to feel as well. He refused to leave her bedside even though for months he has refused to be near any woman for fear of doing them harm. He really has no idea what his wolf is capable of and if he will eventually lose his humanity, those are the questions he wants answered.

Parker realizes that the bite Chloe received could mean that she will change and she shows signs of that happening. With  the moon full he is in no position to help Chloe but he has to get her somewhere safe and hopefully keep her in the dark until he can help her. His only choice is to leave her in front of a mental hospital where he hopes she will be safe until his return. Chloe ran from the hospital and he was lucky enough to get to her before others did now in his wolf form he can’t risk being around her.

Chloe knows something is wrong with her but has no idea what that something is. She has no control over her body which is continuously shaking and all she wants is the man who helped her, a man she feels comfort around, a man who promised he would be back. I don’t want to go  into too much detail as to what happens between Chloe and Parker and whether or not he finds the answers he is searching for. Does Chloe turn into a werewolf? Does she survive the transition? Does Parker get his answers? Who bit Chloe and why? All questions are answered.