Xperiment Book Cover Xperiment
Dan Skinner
MM Paranormal Timely/Relevant
January 1, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I read Dan Skinner ‘s novel a few weeks ago, and I was so blown away by it, I needed some time to digest it before I could write this review.

Dan has been on my to- read list for three years now. His writings are not usually in this genre. In some of his books, the reader learned more about the real Dan Skinner, past his beautiful photography. . His personal life opened to the public with The Price of Dick and The Bible Boys. I think his sharing this, brought me closer to him and also with his fans. We adored his romance books even more.

So now let’s talk about the release of his newest called Xperiment; a mind blowing novel of almost 700 pages.. Dan, a master story teller, unwinds this novel as a science-fiction, urban fantasy, love story that is E.P.I C. Mr. Skinner’s world building for Xperiment is slow and easy, leading the reader into a spiraling story with twists and turns….This idea has certainly shown us his growth in my estimation. It is magic wherever Dan wished to take you!!!!!

Xperiment is a beautiful love story, with monsters of all species and sizes. It is very politically underscored, and definitely tells us about the political and moral climate of the United States in 2016….We watch how power can be used for good or how power corrupts. You be the judge of it!!

If you were looking for light and happy, this is not a book for you….But if you want to be tested , if you hope and believe love might transcend all, if you see who the real monsters are….Do not hesitate to read Xperiment. You will not be disappointed.