If You're Haunted, Flaunt It Book Cover If You're Haunted, Flaunt It
Sharon Saracino
Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Wild Rose Press
October 5, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lucy Ashcroft has returned to her home town of Douglasville to care for her aging grandmother who is in the early stages of dementia. Lucy has always seen spirits, but how annoying would it be if the spirit that is now stalking you is none other than your worst enemy? Darla Swithers was the beautiful, rich girl in high school who made tormenting Lucy her number one priority. It was Darla that gave Lucy the nickname “The Ghost Gabber”.

Now Darla is dead from an anaphylactic reaction to botox, and she has decided to make up to Lucy for treating her so badly in school. She is now determined to become Lucy’s best friend in death when in life she wouldn’t even consider it. No matter how many times Lucy tells her to go away and to go to the light, Darla is going nowhere. Darla wants to help Lucy find love and change how she dresses. When Lucy accidentally knocks into the man of her dreams since school, Jackson Merritt, the mortician, it becomes Darla’s quest to bring them together.

When Lucy attends a funeral and sees Jackson again she is shocked when he seems to have an interest in her, of course she isn’t fooled and is not about to let her guard down. Jackson ran in the same circles as Darla, he was handsome and rich and wouldn’t look twice at Lucy, so why is he showing her attention now? It doesn’t matter to Darla who is now giving Lucy advice on how to dress, what underwear to buy and that she should get a bikini wax; she wants them together.

In spite of the fact that Lucy hates Darla she is slowly beginning to get used to having her around, maybe death did change Darla for the better, as they say better late than never, even if she is dead. Lucy truly hopes that Jackson is interested in her, because the more she sees him the more she wants him. Even grandma thinks he would be a great catch, and doesn’t hesitate in telling Lucy to go to his apartment and look at his etchings. Grandma is a hoot. She dresses how she wants with absolutely no concern about what others think. Her dentures and wallet aren’t lost, she just hasn’t found them yet. Fortunately, Darla knows where everything is.

So now, in addition to Grandpoppy hanging around, so is Darla, and she has to convince Jackson that ghosts are real. They both deal with the dead but in totally different ways. Will Jackson come to believe? Does he really care about Lucy? Will Darla finally go into the light?

This book kept me laughing. How can you not laugh when an 85 year old grandmother talks about BOB, her personal “friend” in the bedroom, or when she finds out that her husband wants to go into the light, and she decides to tell him goodbye because there is a guy she has her eye on at the Senior Center and she has “needs”. Of course, grandpoppy goes nowhere.

Then there is Darla, who is worried if her ass is too big in the ugly sweats she was cursed to wear forever, it seems that no matter what you are buried in, it is the clothes you died in that matter.

This book kept me laughing from beginning to end, and if you love ghost stories and humor, than this is the book for you, it certainly was the book for me.