Sead in Lies Book Cover Sead in Lies
In Lies
Kelly Abell
Mystery thriller
Soltice Publishing

Reviewed by: Tamiko Cabatic

Jack Weaver is an undercover operative working for the Central Intelligence Agency who stumbles upon a plot to kill an important United States political head, the President-Elect. As he delves deeper into his investigations, he begins to peel back layer upon layer of what he discovers is a conspiracy. Jack, essentially, kidnaps Caroline Walters, the abused wife of Warren Walters-the Vice President-Elect. The only thing Jack wants from Caroline is information. The relationship between Jack and Caroline becomes symbiotic. Jack needs information, and Caroline needs to escape her life.

Sealed In Lies is very well written overall. The flow of the story line is fluid with well placed dynamic peaks. The characters are so well written, that I feel like they may be real-life people. The dialogue makes me feel like I’m in the presence of the conversation, not simply reading it.
I enjoyed the complexities of Jack Weaver and Caroline Walters. They are both onions. As each layer was revealed, I fell more and more in-love with the character. Caroline Walters is a strong, intelligent woman who drew the wrong card in life. She trusted the wrong man, and as a result she lost part of herself. Jack Weaver is a seemingly cold, calculating man who gets the job done. And yet, he will protect the people he cares most about. Jack is able to help Caroline rediscover the part of herself she lost in her cruel marriage.

I did have a difficult time reading the first few chapters. While I recognize that Ms. Abell is building and uncovering each character in the beginning, the energy is a little low. I appreciate the depth of detail that Ms. Abell went to, but it is a slow beginning. Once the characters are defined, the book really picks up momentum.

Sealed In Lies is a very well written, well thought out book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a storyline containing thrills, suspense, action, mystery and romance. Kelly Abell is an amazing author and someone to look out for!