Secrets of a Wolf Book Cover Secrets of a Wolf
Guardians of Spirit Rock
Kelly Abell
Paranormal Romance
Amazon Digital

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Daphne Valentine has relocated from Seattle to Spirit Rock in South Dakota. She used to be a K-9 handler and veterinarian until the death of her partner and fiancé. She lost not only Brian, but her job and now she has a chance at a new life working as a veterinarian at the Wild Life Rescue Park. This is a new beginning and it will lead to a totally unexpected and surprise new life.


When she meets her boss the Chief Ranger of Spirit Rock National Park, Cameron Gray, she feels an immediate attraction for the gorgeous man. Daphne has a gift and it is her ability to talk to animals, she constantly gets visions from her Yorkshire terrier, Harvey. With her gift she is sure she can be a huge benefit to the park and the animals that live there.


What Daphne doesn’t know is that Cameron and his three brothers are skinwalkers. Skinwalkers take on the form of their spirit animal and Cameron’s spirit animal is a wolf. He is totally drawn to Daphne but has no idea that the one animal she fears above all others is a wolf since her fiancé was torn apart by a wolf hybrid.


When poachers begin killing protected animals and leaving their bodies lying around, Daphne feels she can talk to the various animals that are around. Daphne gets a cougar who lost her mate to give her an exact description of one of them. She doesn’t hear words but sees images. Can they catch the poachers before they strike again? Can Daphne get over her fear of wolves?


I loved this book. Although short, it had everything I love, hunky skinwalker, beautiful girl and an adorable Yorkie. The book has sex and surprises–especially when little Harvey reveals things Daphne never had a clue about. I look forward to book number two.