Shift Work Book Cover Shift Work
A Carus Novel Book 4
J.C. McKenzie
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
February 22, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Andrea McNeilly (Andy) finally broke her blood bond with the Master Vampire, Lucien. Now she is free of Lucien but has no job. She is no longer the ambassador between the SRD (Supernatural Regulating Division) and the vampire court and is limited in her choices of a profession. Her only hope is to go to the SRD and see if she can be reinstated as an agent but that hope is quickly squashed. But, her lack of employment is nothing compared to the shock of finding out that Lucien is dead. Had she not broken her blood bond with him she would be dead also just as all those bonded to him.

A call from her friend Stan from the Vancouver Police Department about a new deadly drug and asking for her help leaves the possibility of working for the VPD a very real prospect. Now working with Stan they try to find the source of the new drug called King’s Krank (KK) and the dealer selling it. Dead bodies are found but beside dying from KK they also appear to exhibit various supernatural features, horn, fangs, etc. Were they supes or is this another effect of the drug.

Stan knows about Andy and her various feras and she trusts him. When he calls sobbing and revealing his wife was murdered Andy is ready to do whatever it takes, legal or illegal to help Stan find her killer. With all the deaths surrounding her the one good thing is her relationship with Tristan. Andy chose Tristan over Wick and is falling for him more and more. In fact, she finally gets over her fear of giving herself to Tristan completely and they finally have the sex that has been lacking.

To get the answers she needs she finds herself going to anyone who may help including Wick. In spite of missing him she knows that she made the right choice picking Tristan even though with Lucien’s death he is free. Nothing will stop her from finding Stan’s wife’s killer and putting an end to them. She also needs to find the answer to the big question WHY, why was she targeted, was it because of Stan’s job or was it something else?

Andy is an amazing character and Tristan, well he is sex personified. There is sex, violence and some huge surprises. The conversations between her feras always lightens a rough moment.

This is a series that has it all, demons, vampires, shifters, sex, lies, betrayals and more. It has to be read in order and you won’t be sorry.