Gifts for the Season: Winter & Christmas MM Charity Anthology Book Cover Gifts for the Season: Winter & Christmas MM Charity Anthology
AE Via, Lane Hayes, RJ Scott. Eli Easton. Annabelle Albert, Joanna Chambers, Clare London, Posy Roberts, Suki Fleet, Garrett Leigh, Felice Stevens, V.L. Locey, Annabelle Jacobs, Amber Kell, Alex Jane
MM Romance
Love Lane Books Ltd
November 1, 2020

A charity anthology from your favorite MM romance authors featuring fifteen brand new stories.



RJ Scott - Single Dad Christmas

It would be a Christmas miracle if he loved me back.

Annabeth Albert - Must Be Santa

Tis the season for Operation Christmas Papa!

Joanna Chambers - The First Snow of Winter

Christmas Eve, 1814: a maimed war hero and the childhood friend he almost kissed five years earlier are trapped together by the first snow of winter.

Eli Easton - Twelve Days of UPS

What happens when your Secret Santa is less intriguing than the delivery man who brings the gifts?

Suki Fleet - Sometimes, Always

When Echo’s Christmas Eve surprise for Peri goes a little sideways, it turns into a night they’ll both remember for the best reasons, for always.

Lane Hayes - Out For The Holidays

Good Things Happen When You’re Out for the Holidays!

Annabelle Jacobs - Driving Home For Christmas

A road trip, snowstorm, and only one big bed at the Inn…

Alex Jane - Homestead for the Holidays

Alone in a cabin in snowy Nebraska for Christmas

Amber Kell - A Santa for Trin

Everyone needs a bit of Christmas magic.

Garrett Leigh - No Place Like Home

As long as they’re together, love always wins

V.L. Locey - Dressed In Holiday Style

Can the spirit of Christmas save this budding love affair?

Clare London - Five Gold Blings

Where Christmas sparkle leads two lonely hearts.

Posy Roberts - Sojourn with You

This year, a place to stay is the best Christmas gift Sawyer could ask for.

Felice Stevens - The Gift of Forever

What do you get the man who has everything?

AE Via - An Unworthy Gift

What do the lonely do at Christmas?

This is a holiday and winter anthology with 100% of the proceeds going to the Trevor Project.





 5***** An Unworthy Gift – AE Via

AE Via is a new to me author. This book was a great choice to begin this anthology. Meeting sweet Spencer Underwood, drooling over an unaffordable bracelet in a local jewelry store, was something I have done myself. But the attitude of that nasty, snooty sales person was obnoxious until another handsome well dressed man came from the back room and here we meet Cole Burbank. Cole takes over the encounter, telling Gerald the salesman he can start locking up, as he offers a half off sale to entice Spencer. Of course even half off  is too expensive, and the jeweler offers 75% off, then dinner anything to see him.…. Spencer was at a loss, and hurried off to his night job.

Gerald the sales person decides to take his boss Cole to a local gentlemen’s club for a nightcap and cigars. Guess who is their waiter?…….Yes a sweet Christmas story!!!


4****Out For The Holidays- Lane Hayes

Layne Hayes has written a charming story with Derek and Gabe. Derek from a rich family is leaving it all behind, wanting to fulfill his dreams of opening a Bistro. Gabe knows nothing about Bistros, but believes in his lover and will do anything to help him.

Derek is the numbers guy, and has gone round and round on paper and feels the building he is looking at, will make his dreams come true.

Their surrounding friends are all supportive, will work for beer, and has them helping dismantle the building to have it restored.

Derek has never stood up to his family and he works through his shortcomings to believe in himself with lots of love from Gabe. Low angst, sweet story.


5*****Single Dad Christmas= RJ Scott

Austin, hired Paul as his Manny for his triplets. Paul said he could give him 2 years, and now Austin was sitting in his room staring at the letter of resignation from Paul. He would be leaving after the Holidays.

Was it two years already? Austin couldn’t believe it, and now realized he was in love with Paul. What the heck was he going to do? How would the children react to losing Paul? He was their other Dad. The one thing Austin couldn’t do was let Paul know how he felt, and guilt him to think of giving up his dream to travel.

This was another sweet holiday story of two men who really, really needed to talk!