Spirit of the Bear Book Cover Spirit of the Bear
Guardians of Spitir Rock
Kelly Abell
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

In books one and two we had Cameron and Connor’s story and now Spirit of the Bear is Deacon’s. Deacon has been keeping a secret from his brothers and the Elders. He has not revealed he is suffering from PTSD since his return from Afghanistan.
But that secret is out when a nightmare causes him to attack the love of his life Suanne. His nightmare was so real that he actually shifted into bear form to attack the enemy, unfortunately it was Suanne he attacked and nearly killed.

When Heidi healed Suanne she revealed something to Deacon. This information was so devastating that all he could do was run off. Suanne survived and forgave Deacon knowing the attack was not done intentionally but he wouldn’t respond to her calls. How can they ever hope to have a relationship if he can’t forgive himself?

The answer for Deacon was to approach the Elder’s and insist that they separate him from his spirit animal the bear. Separating him from his bear could mean his death but he feels that is what he deserves. His older brother Logan is there to support him as well as Suanne’s grandfather. Will the Elder’s separate him from his bear? Can he forgive himself?

This was a wonderful story and if you read the other two books in the series than you know that all the brothers are skinwalkers and each has a different spirit animal. They protect the Sacred Spring which is a portal that could allow evil to enter. In addition to the love story there is also trouble coming. I can’t wait for Logan’s story.