Strange and Stranger Book Cover Strange and Stranger
Psy Squad, Book 7
Linda Palmer
New Adult, Paranormal, College, Romance
Independently published
November 11, 2019

While overseeing renovations on Harvey House, the family inn, Maddie realizes she can see dead people--specifically her grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents, and great-great-great grandparents. While it’s kind of cool to meet her ghostly ancestors, it worrisome that they’re still hanging around the place. Maddie makes it her mission to convince them to move on, a goal complicated when her vacationing parents invite the ghost hunting stars of Strange and Stranger television show to come investigate Harvey House for anything paranormal.

The Harveys have high hopes that the inn will be declared “haunted” and become the getaway of choice for curious lodgers. Horrified, Maddie hopes the opposite, which is why she begs all her dead kin to hang out in the off-limits basement until the ghost hunters leave, a total of three nights’ hiding. If they are detected, Harvey House will never be the same. Everyone promises to cooperate.

Maddie’s first surprise is the arrival of five men instead of the four she expected. The Strange brothers, hosts of the series, have brought along a tech man and two videographers instead of one. Ben, they tell her, is a temporary hire and so new that they keep forgetting his last name.

Her second surprise is the obvious differences between Ben and the rest of the crew. The Stranges have dealt with so many spirits they’ve forgotten that each lived a life and may now missed by those left behind. Ben, on the other hand, is chagrined and apologizes to Maddie more than once for what he considers the disrespect of his bosses. Clearly, he is way too sensitive for this job, which makes his being there a mystery as intriguing to her as the mystery of the haunted inn is to the ghost hunters.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Maddie Harvey has been put in charge of overseeing the renovations of the family inn, Harvey House, only since she has been staying there she has started to see her relatives, grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great grandparents something that never happened to her before. In addition to overseeing the renovations her mother put her in charge of opening the house to Peyton and Trent Strange the hosts of Strange and Stranger a tv show that her mom hopes will prove that ghosts exist at the inn.

Not happy about her relatives being exploited by a tv show in spite of the fact that they are all dead she begs them to keep quiet and out of sight locking them in the basement and restricting the Stranges from enterring. When the men all arrive she is taken immediately by the sight of Ben Brady a videographer who is on his first job for the tv show. As soon as Ben gets Maddie alone he confesses that he is an agent for the world Security League (WSL) a global organization bringing the world’s worst criminals to justice.

Ben is a psychic who was sent to locate a killer of at least thirty men, a killer whose name is unknown and who has never been seen, at least by anyone living. A tip via psychic hotline sent Ben to locate the mob assassin and then report back to WSL. The killer is either in the Inn or nearby and Ben asks for Maddie’s help in locating him. While the tv team is interviewing people who claim to have seen the ghosts or know about them while alive one man stands out as knowing too much and stating things that are totally untrue, Ben is convinced that he is the killer they are looking for.

Some of Maddie’s family did not die by natural causes but by murder or murder/suicide and Maddie is determined to find out if any of that is true. The search for ghosts by the ghost hunters and the search for a killer is not the only concern because her grandparents all claim that they are not moving on because they have to protect her, protect her from who or what, just another cause for alarm and another reason for Ben to worry about Maddie’s safety.

Although Maddie and Ben have known each other only a few days their feelings for each other are strong and very real, as psychics they both see beyond what is outside and see the real person within. Fortunately they are both very open and verbal about their feelings so they are ready to put an end to Ben’s assignment and find the danger that is existing for Maddie. After everything is settled she hopes that her family will finally leave and find peace.

The relationship between Maddie and Ben was beautiful and the problem with the killer and the one who is endangering Maddie was suspenseful. I have read all of the books in this series and and loved each and every one. Although this series does not have to be read in order I would suggest doing that because why miss out on some very good reading.